Hello there! Time for a new home décor post! People are always getting married on sl so I know there is someone out there looking at this post needing a wedding set up for the fall. Aphrodite shop has some new weddings sets that are fall themed and they are total must haves. Today I am featuring the ceremony set. It is very beautiful and I like things that are more rustic than not. It comes with trees, chairs, ceremony tent and table setup , leaves and beautiful lights. I didn't want to add to much to it, but I love adding trees and making spaces super lush of course. This set is ready to go as is or you can add your own things to it to really make it your own. I am happy the cooler weather is here just trying to adjust to it. The worse is when it's raining and chilly, but it makes me want rain boots! lol I am such a big kid I could splash like crazy in some cute wellies! I can't help it.

The chairs have different animations for males, females & kids. So everyone in the family can have a seat comfortably. There is also a altar in the middle center that has animations for the priest which of course is very important. Poses also for the bride and the groom! All set for the Autumn/Fall season. I hope everyone is having an awesome day! I will leave info about this awesome set below. Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate if of course. Please stay tuned as I have more to show this week <3
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed
Autumn Wedding ceremony set- Aphrodite shop-
Sparkles- Hpmd
Greenery- Aphrodite shop, Hayabusa design, Hpmd & Sky studio
Lanterns- What next


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