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Hello there! I am so excited to show you my new remodeled showroom at the Cynful sim!! [Cynful]has a new mainstore and outlet store! Everything is brand spanking new and there is also many other wonderful stores on the sim to shop. I am the only interior design showroom at the sim! I am a unicorn :)

Why a showroom? I can show you pictures of my work all day on here. I have a ton of them. BUT seeing for yourself an example of how I decorate will help you decide if you would want to have me decorate for you! So you can walk around these spaces and get a feel. It also gives the awesome people that follow me on here and Flickr a chance to see my work in person. The furniture will not have animations in them for the most part as they are more for demo purposes to show my creativity. Only because people tend to click things and change textures! I used to have to run down to Apple's store every couple of days and change all types of textures back at her store because people would change them and taking out scripts fixed the issue. I don't need yall seeing rainbow furniture all over the place thinking I am crazy! lol I love mixing older items with brand new and you will see that in here. I like to call this space Rustic Glam because of the many wood elements I used and of course the sparkle! I never want guys to feel left out so my showrooms tend to be more of a unisex style. I can decorate in any theme for male/females of all ages. There is something for everyone in this space. I also love being able to show my work and maybe inspire you to decorate your own space. Maybe something you will see you just have to have in your own special place on SL. Stuff like that really beings enjoyment to what I do. I was working on my main showroom location when I found out the sim was being redone and dropped everything! Something always comes up and I have to put it on the back burner. But it will be finished. My client list is closed atm. I am busy and have things that need to get done all by me :) Plus I have that RL thing going on! <3
[Cynful] is having a Anniversary and grand opening party today so please feel free to come by. They have a brand new mainstore and outlet. There is also many awesome stores on the sim with satellite stores such as Apple May Designs, Phedora, Belleza, Maxi Gossamer with a new main store and many more. They have gifts at the party so make sure you come down and enjoy yourself!!

I am a sparkly person. So, This space is filled with sparkles. I really hope everyone enjoys the new space! I got so much awesome feedback with the last showroom I had at the sim and I truly thank everyone! I am so glad you liked it and this will be a new one that will inspire you to decorate! I really appreciate any feedback and suggestions!!! I really enjoy decorating and I thank you for continuing to be on this journey with me. Thank you <3 So come on down and  have a look!

*Majesty is an interior/exterior design service located in the wonderful world of Secondlife. Two showroom examples are located in-world.  Feel free to have a look and tp!
                                                            Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

[Cynful] - Anniversary and Mainstore opening party-

Main Room------------------------------------------------
Roxy Sofa,Tabletop Heater,Alexand Porter Chair w/pillow Sand , Martini Table  - The Loft
Larcadia Chairs- Trompe Loeil
Fake Bear Rug- Aisling
JIAN Fennec :: Static (Sleep R)
Hello Vegas Rug- Cheeky Pea
The Loft & ARIA - Troubadour Coffee Table Black
Stringlight Soiree Curtains - Black - Tied R-+Half-Deer+
Chandelier- Reign
Square Lead Planter w/ Lion Head with topiaries-Apple Fall
 Hustle. Frame-PILOT -
Vase of flowers- Compulsion
 wood beaded curtain-dust bunny .
 Movable Wall (dark clean)-BALACLAVA!!
Bookcase- Laq
 Spark Lamp-Refuge
Davis Fence Kit- Fancy décor
Pillows- Brook Hill Living

Dropped Dress-Dutchie
Clacis Car TV Stand  - P&W
Men Shoes- Bazar
Stringlight Soiree Curtains - Black - Tied- +Half-Deer+
This is the Life & Babette Standing Lamp-The Loft
NorthHaven Bed & Chairs- Cheeky pea
Ambrose Rug Dark- ARIA
Soiree Suspender Lamp-Ariskea
Bear Floor rug- [Tia]
deerhead chandelabra dark-DRD
dresses on rack- Modded from Reign Closet
Canopy & Flowers- {anc}
Garden Trees- Fanatik
Hedges- Botanical

My Links-

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