Majesty- Apple's Cafe

Hello there! I am still in a Springy/Summery mood! Do you go to stores and have a look about the land? I tend to Apple May's store and one thing she has always loved is having areas for the customers to enjoy and spend time or take pictures. I have refreshed the café by the mainstore among other things and I wondered if anyone comes in to use it.So many uses for a public café like maybe a place to take your friends to just chill and chat. Maybe someone new you don't want to just take to your house because you don't know them like that. lol  Hey, I am not judging! It is 2 levels and I didn't want to add too much as I am not a fan of walking on furniture. It makes me feel like I did as a noob so long ago. The Café  boasts a good many dining tables and chairs and a bigger set upstairs for a bigger company of people. Since it's Spring/Summer I added Milkshake makers, Beer, yea I know, Ice cream and Coffee. Most of the food and drink items are dispensers so you can sit and eat/drink for the realistic experience. I am a huge foodie on sl and in rl. So I love food items! lol  The pizzas and gelato are in 3 different versions. Women, Men & kid versions are all rezzed. They are really vute and by {BE}. There is truly something for everyone. There is also seating on the outside of the Café if you wanna sit around and take in the scenery. The first floor I left without curtains. It just feels so nice and open with the big picture windows. I added some upstairs to make it feel more cozy since the windows are smaller. There is so many nice items in this space I have tried to list everything below but of course click away if you see something I overlooked there is so many items.

I have been working on so many things. I will announce when my client list is back open. In the meantime I am enjoying showing you finished projects and things I am working on. I try to be superwoman but I am just one person. I had to finally acknowledge that. I have a hard time saying no.  I appreciate all feedback, views and the support from everyone. I really love sharing something I am very passionate about with you as I grow. I try to get better with every new step. Please feel free to bookmark me and follow me on Flickr. Come down and have a look and just kick back and eat something. I have all of the credits and slurl info below to go to the café. It is on Apple May's sim at Fruitatious. Have an awesome weekend! Thank you so much <3333 xoxo Ebony

                                                          Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


First Floor-
Gourmet Coffee Maker v1.2a- Aphrodite Shop
Darya Dining Chairs Draped Autumn  & Wingback Chairs White - Trompe Loeil
Emma' Tulips Bouquets, Milkshake Mixers V2, & Spring Bloom' Tulip Planters- {what next}
Let's play at the home of apple. & Apple Pound cake- Poche

Kara Jar Light- Cheeky pea
Pug Cafe - Display Cabinet - Birdy- (Old Arcade Gift)
Crumpled Newspaper & Cafe Table (Blank) - Apple Fall
cream animal rug.- junk.
Candle b, Coffee Art & Menu card- Bazar
Fresh fruit stand - Lemons, Oranges & Apples- Dust Bunny

Bonus Picture: Apple's Café

2nd floor-
Bluetooth controlled Espresso Machine 3.0- Aphrodite Shop
The Loft - Casolare Table Bleached, Taylor Dining Chair Lattice/White & Casolare Place Setting Greige- The Loft
Virginia Dining Chair, Sabine Abstract Rug Copper, Nouveau Art, Kara Jar Light & Dream Tea Tray- Cheeky pea
 Milkshake Mixer ( bisque) V2- {what next} 
mug tree . type a & mini Heart Pizza- Dust Bunny
Bay leaf Topiary & Birch Bar- Apple Fall
 mugicha- poche
Delizioso Pizza & Gelato Choco Mint and Berry - {BE}
Kunsteiner Tap & glass  (gold) / Lager- [ kunst ]
AE - Train Car - Straight Drapes-DRD
  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location- New! [Cynful] Location-


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