Season of Light- Christmas season 2015

Hello there!!! I have a new fashion post! Of course I cannot go long without adding some sparkle to my posts!!!! I love these fireflies from Kalopsia and they are all over my yard and inside of the house lol!! They are so pretty! I don't go long without using them. I hope everyone is doing well. I am happy to bring this post today featuring some awesome things. This hair is from booN! It comes with the scarf and it has a hud to change the scarf color. I am wearing the black hair color but there is so many beautiful and vibrant ones to choose from. I am also featuring the tweed bell bottoms that are updated and are the Mix item for Cynful for the month of December! There is a billion colors literally to choose from and it was hard for me to choose. But I managed to find some colors that made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I love lush landscaping and this area in my yard just seemed perfect for the mood I was going for. I go nuts with my fireflies from Kalopsia. I would seriously have them in every post I do I love them so much. They are truly amazing.  I tend to go nuts when {anc} releases new items and I got some of the ornaments from the Tannebaum event. Very happy that it comes with this giant sized one as well.

I tend to supersize things a lot and I didn't even have to mess with it lol. I truly love being able to mod things. Some things just need to be supersized so you can admire all the detailing and also take up space if you got a huge room lol. But hey that is just my way of thinking. Bigger is better! Well not always but when I decorate it is! This is the last weekend before Christmas and I am beyond excited! I hope everyone is done shopping and running around. This time of year is always very hectic for me. Last minute stuff is the worst for me. I tend to be more organized when it comes to stuff like this but this year kicked my butt lol. But all in all it is my favorite time of year and I cannot wait for next week....well I can...I love the weekend to lol!! I think it should be 3 days not 2 days in my opinion. But you can't get everything you want! I hope you enjoy the weekend!!! Thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! <3
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed
Tweed Bellbottoms- [Cynful]- Mixed event-
Top- Blueberry
Jewels- RealEvil Industries
Fireflies- Kalopsia
Trees- Hayabusa Design
Flowers- Haybusa Design & {anc}
Ornament- {anc}
Shrubs- HPMD



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