Game On!

Hello there! I hope everyone is having an amazing Christmas season! I am struggling! I am not even going to lie about it! This time of year is very hectic for me and I don't know whether I am coming or going. But I wanted to sit here and chill a min. I just set up my newest home last week or so and this is the last room I am decorating for now here. This game room is where it's at! The Items inspired the look of this room and mostly everything in it  is from Kalopsia. So of course this room is spectacular. It looks like it could easily be the perfect man cave. These items are part of the Boys night in gacha key that is now available at The Men's Dept! There is 16 commons and 2 rares. The rares are the sofa and gaming chair! They are so nice and the quality is just what you would expect. This room is huge and I was able to fill it and I am very pleased with it. I had no idea what I was going to do with this room. lol I was trying to stop my hoarder ways but sl ate a few of my newest folders and I had the original boxes still in my objects folder thankfully. SO I will continue to be a hoarder of boxes! lol

This room is full yall. I love filling my rooms full of furniture. But it is walkable! I hate walking into a room and you step all over the furniture. It is so annoying to me. So I always make sure any space I do is one you can walk around without having to worry about that. This room could have easily been called the rocket room cause I supersized these suckers and put them all over the place lol. I usually put 2 pictures on my Flickr so that is all I typically post here without any extras. But I have 3 pictures that I want to show you so one is a bonus!! When you have such a big room and you are taking pictures at different angles, it is really hard to pick just two pictures. Good problem to have though! I am not complaining. There has been times where I couldn't get one or two pics that I was happy with. SO you can imagine the fight I had to go through lol. The event is up till the end of the month but do not wait until the last minute! I wish everyone a wonderful day and stay tuned as I of course have more things to show you! xoxo

Bonus Photo:
                                                           Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

I also posted a copy of the gacha key so you can see every item that is in this awesome gacha!! Look Below!!

Boys night in - Kalopsia- The Men's dept-
Rockets, spinning tops- Kalopsia - The Tannenbaum holiday event-
Boxing glove chair, Pillow Tree (Christmas), Rocket Motel Sign, Crackerbox & Pile of gifts- Kalopsia- (Temporary Location) -
French Bulldog- O.M.E.N
Railroad Tie Chandelier- Pilot


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