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Hello there!!! I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! It always comes and goes but Christmas is fast approaching. It is like a clock countdown for me at the moment. Very hectic of course but also fun. I am here today with a new fashion post featuring my new fav jammies from Apple May Designs. They are silk so I guess it is up to your interpretation of them being a normal short or athletic set....or like me and just wear them as jammies lol.I am mix matching the black and pink seperates today. 5 color options and at the Shiny Shabby event that ends soon. I am not redoing my parcel in snow at all. In fact I am just adding puddles of snow here and there. Sparkle stuf is just year round for me lol. Today I felt like taking pics in my lil castle. I was back in forth at all of the sales this weekend and it is truly just too much in one little time span!

The event this round ends soon so I am posting the slurl so you can hop on by before it ends. We all need a little silk in our lives. This set is in 4 standard sizing and for the most popular mesh bodies. I am super busy planning for Christmas and finishing my land and other things on here. So I am pretty much up to my head busy. I will sneak in some blog posts as time allows. I have one fashion one ready to go and I will of course be throwing in some home décor posts soon as possible. I have so many new things to show you now. How will I ever choose!!!? I really appreciate you stopping by. If you have questions about my in0world show locations, wanting a space of your own decorated ot any  suggestions for future blog posts feel free to send me a msg on my flickr or in-world. I am more of a notecard person since every blue moon sl will log me out and I will  have no way of getting back to you. I wish you an awesome, safe and blessed week. Thank you!! <3

                                                    Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Silk tops & Silk shorts- Apple May Designs (AMD) - Shiny Shabby event-
Hair: Puft
Shoes: N-core
Jewels: Ryca & RealEvil Industries

Topiary White Roses- Kalopsia
HPMD- Floor grass
Kezia Bed: Trompe Loeil
Bubbles: {anc}
pearl candelabra- Striped Mocha
Twindle Pendels- [keke]
Simple Cloud: +Half-Deer+
Ruffle Pouf: PILOT
Floor Grass- HPMD


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