The Joy of Fall- New Blessings Pt.1

Hello there! Fall is here and I have one more summerish post to get out but I will not be doing that atm. It never the end of every season I look at my drafts and I am like oh crap! lol But for now I am going to show some brand new goodies for this fall season! So many events going on at the moment and I am going to showcase some of the most awesome items out at the moment! I had to come on here and go into busy mode to get what I need done. I am working on so many things at once and my time schedule just isn't big enough lol. My inspiration for this post is the season Fall. The colors of the leaves changing are so beautiful. It is always the first sign for me that Fall is near. Orange and yellow is everywhere and it really has inspired my mood for this wonderful season. I have some projects I am working on and I will be changing up my stores to make them go with the season and Apple May's beautiful sim also of course. This post features this awesome build from none other than Kalopsia. I was excited to see a new build from the store and of course it is beautiful. The Maple hideaway is only 25 Land impact so you can really have fun with it and not worry about prims. Kalopsia is in several events right now and this series will show case some of the amazing new offerings from Isabeau.
 SO many versatile things you will be sure to see them in many blog posts to come. I just love unique things and the Bicycle was one thing that caught my attention. I was actually looking for a real life version of this! Maybe a week or two ago I came across new about a couple living a vintage life and the husband has a bicycle like this. I remember seeing one ages ago and said hey he has one I can have one to! I did find a company that makes replicas. I always have to go above and beyond lol. Imagine me on the trail with this sucker!! lol But let me say Kalopsia has the most high quality beautiful things that really help inspire my posts. I never have to wonder what I am going to do with anything at all. The build is at the N21 event right now so don't miss out on it. It can be anything your heart desires. I could truly decorate it a billion times over. The maple vintage décor you see such as the bicycle, potted flowers, horse statue, deer pull along toy, clock and jars are from Kalopsia also at the Lost & found event. I will be showing you the inside of this beautiful build next post. I really enjoyed decorating my new space! You can never have too many spaces! I really can't lol. One for each mood of course. I want to thank you for stopping by. I really am not a quantity over quality person, so I will only put out new posts when I have the time to give my 100% to each project.  I am a ocd perfectionist and anything half assed will not be posted. I just can't do it. I will however say I will post as much as I possibly can. I hope you will enjoy this series as much as I loved creating it. Enjoy this awesome weather!! <333

                                                            Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Maple Hideaway- Kalopsia- N21 event-
Maple Vintage Décor - Kalopsia- Lost & Found event-
Trees & Flowers- Hayabusa design
Ground leaves- Action


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