Magical Moments

Hello there. I am enjoying this beautiful day and wanted to do a new post. My inspiration for this post are two amazing items. My lovely pixicat dress and this orb from The Arcade released by Remarkable oblivion. I tend to hit RO's machine just a few times lol. It always seems that some machines hate me and I tend to be frugal when I get around them. But I really wanted this orb and I went for it. Other than the Dust bunny items I really wanted this orb! lol So I played twice. First item was the rare staff. I walked off and played other machines lol!! I went back and said to hell with it! I played two more times and boom! I happily screamed and ran around lol. But of course I spotted the owl on the gacha key and then "coughs" someone wanted my orb, so I got another one and so on! lol RO's items are always super nice so I was very excited to see how it would look and and it did not disappoint. I don't even have my settings on max and it is Remarkable. I really love gadgets and things...magical between this machine and the new collabor round I am on cloud 9 yall. I really am.

There is truly something for everyone at all of these new events. I hope everyone had an awesome week and an awesome day! It has really gone by so fast really. I am not going to ramble on much longer but I appreciate you stopping by. Please feel free to bookmark me and visit often. I might do a summer post or two before the season officially changes. We will see <333

                                              Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Magister's Orb- RO (Remarkable Oblivion)- The Arcade-
Cosmic dress- Pixicat (I got this from Collabor, it might be in the store by now!)
Hair- Little Bones
Location- Ironwood Hills


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