Thee Tea House

Hello there time for a new home decor post. I meant to have this out last week but I truly got behind. Today I am featuring some lovely things. I am living on a parcel and it seems I like green. One of the amazing people in my circle pointed out the fact that my land was very green and I hadn't really noticed it "that" much. I noticed that the grass and everything was lush green but didn't realize how much I had going on until that comment was made lol. But, hey I love it and I am featuring this beautiful Tea house from Aphrodite Shop for Creators Collection Box and it is open until the 12th! If you love adorable things then this build is for you! They also have many more things at the event of course, but I was inspired by this adorable tea house and went with it! Do not miss out people.

I am also using some of my newest greenery to really have this place lush! I have some amazing new things from Skye studio including this gorgy twisted tree which has options for different textures for all 4 seasons. I went with the summer texture to be somewhat darker than the other greenery so it wouldn't be too matchy matchy and I love it. I hope everyone is having an amazing week. I appreciate you stopping by. Feel free to bookmark this blog. I am a busy bee but I do update it as much as possible. Please feel free to stop by anytime. Thank you <3

                                                     Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Tea House Complete set- Aphrodite Shop - Creators Collection Box event-

Grass- Fanatik
Enchanted pond, Tropical plants pack, Twisted Tree (NEW) & Cliffs- Skye Studio-
Sunrays- Hpmd


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