Grandma's Magical Hideaway

Hello there! Time for a new home décor post. The Arcade has started and I am still opening boxes lol. My little one would have had her rez day when you see this post and there is some things I know she wants. Since the machines are not a sure thing for me for those items lol. I am going to yardsales for the items she wants. I have played the machines she wanted the items from so I know, the odds are hmmm lol. But looking at some of these prices, I might be better off playing the machines! We will see! lol. One of the most amazing things at the Arcade this round is this barn from Dust bunny. I mean who doesn't like Dust Bunny items and the creator is a sweetheart. SUPPORT GOOD CREATORS!I will say the best builds this round are from Dust bunny. I also have the tree house but this barn really called to me. I love barns as living spaces. I am so gone with decorating in rl. I do so much of it that it's just in my pores people lol. The second something new for the home comes out I know about it. But it is a passion of mine that's why I do it rl and sl lol. I have seen some homes that have been converted from barns and all I can say is wow!!!!

SO, I am excited to bring you this post today. This barn really inspired me. This is a two part post with the exterior being shown today and I will show you the interior tomorrow. I wanted a whimsical yet eclectic space. The theme of this space is grandmas dining but you will see the dining part when I show the interior space. I pictured a little Grandma with a green thumb who would be surrounded by many beautiful plants. Some place cheerful that would make anyone glad to be invited over.
The second and final part of this series will be here tomorrow.  I am sitting here now enjoying the space and lights. It is the perfect place to get inspired and relax. I have had such a long day and while I get some things done this setting really calms the mood. As always I thank you for stopping by. Fell free to bookmark as I appreciate it. Thank so much and have an awesome evening <3

                                                         Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Update: I did play the machines again and I did really good this go around. My lil one got the rares that she wanted for her rez day so all is well. I did get a few things from yardsales but it was really more fun to try my luck and get the ones I wanted at the machines. Yes, I did scream lol. Make sure you take the time to go! <3

Dust bunny & Tenshi . chestnut barn . RARE- (Sept 2015) The Arcade
Dust Bunny-birdhouse garden gate & Robin Fence
Trees- Hayabusa Design, Skye studio, We're closed & Little branch
Flowers- Hayabusa Designs & Little Branch
Grass- Fanatik, We're closed & HPMD
Dream Lantern, Pawprint pathway,Flower Stringlights, Ombre Cactus & Shiba inu- +Half-Deer+
Goodnight bear- Boogers (Sept 2015) Arcade
Lemonade stand- Kuro & [Con.]
Driftwood hammock- 8f8


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