Majesty- Some People Feel The Rain, Others Just Get Wet

Hello there!Happy Saturday! I would say I am in a decorating mood. But that is really the norm for me. lol It's been awhile since I put myself in a blog post. LOL I am really picky when doing a fashion and home decor blog post as I like to feature both equally. I won't be blogging a bed standing in front of it. LOL I am featuring some of my fav stores in this space! Kraftwork, Chez Moi Furniture, booN, Kalopsia, and last but def not least [Cynful]. I am using a backdrop from Kraftwork for this space called Grunge scene. I really had fun decorating with it. You can easily also not use any decor and take pics as you like but yall know I love to decorate. My Tapbrella is also from KraftWork and new at Fameshed right now. It is a steal of a price at only 99L and you get a hud with a color change menu. This round will last until the 27th. The Bubble chair set is from Chez Moi and new at the TLC event. The chairs have some awesome animations and they are texture change with the hud that comes with it. I love a chair with nice animations and props. If you need one this is it! Reading a book, Drinking wine and more. I mentioned 2 of my favs though. LOL The event is open until the 26th! I added some extra decor items from Kalopsia in this space. I love this horse head statue and clock. I didn't want anything too dainty like flowers. These items called to me. I am standing in front of the concrete block from boon-kura. It really adds to a more edgier type space. But it can be anywhere.These items are so versatile and I love being able to use many items in different spaces. I never want to feel like oh this has to be in just a shabby chic or city type of space. This hippo print is one of the first things I have gotten from Void and I love it! Do not be surprised to see it pop up in many differnt spaces. It is easily a focal point for any wall. I wanted a more city street type of feel so I added these soda machines from Consignment and they are awesome. And I love how they have some soft lighting to them. I added some newspapers and extra lighting to really round off the space and some rain.
My outfit is from [Cynful]. My top is at the mainstore and these shorts are new at Fameshed! This is my go to tank top and I get grief for wearing it so much. But, I love it. It comes in a billion colors and you can customize it how you like and it just goes with everything. LOL Pat yourself on the shoulder fam for making it so awesome. ijs. These shorts are everything though. I love the sparkle on them. I have it on extreme sparkle of course. That is why my legs appear to be glowing. I have the fattypack so it is filled with a billion colors for the shorts, fishnet and the pearls that sparkle along with bonus colors only for the fatpack. You can also wear the fishnets high like I have on here, low or without them at all. My wig is from booN. It is one of the older hairs from the store but an all time favorite. My shoes are from Phedora and they are laced up! They have a bow on the back you cannot see with how I am standing. But, It's really cute.There is a ton of things in this space and I have all of the credits below. I want to say thank you to my wifey for being in this post with me. She didn't fuss or complain at all. I rarely ask for anyone to be in one of my posts so I guess that helps. Plus, I didn't ask for her to put on anything specific. LOL She has always been supportive of me and my goals. If I suck at something she would tell me in the best way possible. I know I can ask her anything and get an honest response. I appreciate her more than my words can say. So, thank you wifey for lending your beauty to this post and dealing with my ocd. There is one thing I wanted to fix but didn't want to torture her anymore. lol  Ocd is rough yall. It really is rough. Okay, time for me to post this! Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate it! Full details are below with slurls. Feel free to bookmark me and follor me on Flickr! Thank you! xoxo <3333 Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Bubble Chair and Table set CHEZ MOI- The Liason Collaborative event-
Broken Umbrella CHEZ MOI- Mainstore Location-
Kalopsia - Train Station Clock
Kalopsia - Wood Horse Head Statue
Kalopsia - Poster - Chicago
Kalopsia - Poster - London
Kalopsia Mainstore Location-
*booN-kura concrete block stand(tex512)

VOID - Cooper's Hippo Print
[Con.] Restored Soda Machines - Solid Root
[Con.] Feature Pres Signage - nyc
.:revival:. newspaper
junk. stadium lights. floor.
Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial
21. DRD SC Street Scene fire hydrant
Best Weather System- Heavy Rain

On Me:
[Cynful] Sweet cheeks shorts- New at Fameshed-Fameshed Slurl-
[Cynful]  Ness Tank Top- [Cynful] Mainstore Location-
booN- MKT012 booN- Mainstore Location-
Kraftwork- Tapbrella Umbrella- New at Fameshed
Fameshed Slurl-

Formanails- Russian Almond Nails
[MANDALA] Haramita Season 2 Bangle
[MANDALA0 Miyabi Fatpack
[Z O O M] Ount Glasses
Phedora- Rachel Heels
Pose- Pose Maniacs-Kannie
Hairbase- Siix- Malaysian

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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