Majesty- Good Morning

Hello there! I hope all is well today. Happy Monday! I am featuring Jian, Kalopsia and Aphrodite shop today in this vintage inspired minty fresh space! When I think of the morning time I think of food lol. Breakfast is my favorite food! So These Teensy tortoises from Jian really fit the bill. They can easily be in any setting and they are animated! Red and green colors. The pancake one is the Rare item from this gacha key. You can put them anywhere! Total foodie or turtle/animal lover must have. They are at the Arcade gacha event now. The glam couple chair I am using asside chairs are from Aphrodite shop. They are texture change and they are really romantic. Different versions are available and I have here the couple chair. Just the animations are different in each version. The gold wall hanging is from Granola. This is my first time using it but trust and believe I will use it more in the near future. It can be in so many diff spaces. The Vanity table from Kalopsia is a rare gacha item but I am using it as a stacking type of coffee table. I have 2 here and just modded them to fit the look I wanted. The curtains and floor pillows are also from Kalopsia and texture change. The rugs are from The loft and the textures are so nice. I just love versatile items. I added some plants here and there and with all of the plants being released it's hard not to do a big greenhouse! LOL SO many. Just so many. But, I love plants. There was a time I was complaining because I couldn't find many plants and that is what started me modding what I had to have more unique florals. So this big plant trend is really welcome. I hope we get more.
This space makes me want to get a nice warm glass of tea. There is nothing like warm tea and a chicken biscuit in the morning. Yall, if I told you I go nuts over good biscuits! o.0 I love me some biscuits. When the sun comes up it is time for a biscuit. Hmm, I don't think I have any on sl. Hopefully one day Apple will make a platter of them. LOL This home being used is the Mockingbird nook from Scarlet Creative. It is a small build but very cute and quaint. I was able to decorate it in the way I wanted with ease. This space is inspired by the beginning of a new day, soft sunshine and good memories.I have all of the credits below. I want to thank you so much for stopping by. Feel free to bookmark me and Follow me on Flickr. I wish everyone a blessed week! xoxo <3333 Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


JIAN Teeny Tortoises 1. Pancakes RARE

JIAN Teeny Tortoises 8. Green Orange
JIAN Teeny Tortoises 4. Green Strawberry
JIAN Teeny Tortoises 7. Red Blueberries

<Aphrodite> Vintage glam couple chair- Swank Events-

Kalopsia - Emily's Vanity Table RARE

Kalopsia - Blossom's Table
Kalopsia - Tannis' Pillow - ADULT
Kalopsia - Arrow Curtains 

Granola. Avalon's Sign. Gold. FIX
AF Edi's Lamp (White)
Apple Fall Books & Map
Apple Fall 'Elvira' Rose Tea
Apple Fall 'Elvira' Plate w/ Egg, Avocado & Toast
Apple Fall Enamel Teapot - Mint
Apple Fall Autumn Preserves
brocante. unfinished wallpaper / geometric
[AG] Vertical Wall Planter - White Tulip/Gypso Combo COPY
DRD - Boho Princess - Beaded Light - C
Trompe Loeil - Free Pillow Toss Wall Lengthwise Tintable
:CP: Coppola Sofa
dust bunny . guiana chestnut tree
dust bunny . pom pom blanket
The Loft & ARIA - Troubadour Potted Prickly Pear Cactus
The Loft & ARIA - Leona Hide Rug
The Loft - Hudson Rug
Soy. Glass cloche with Mushrooms
Scarlet Creative- Mockingbird Nook

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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