Majesty- Moment Of Thought (Rain)

Hello there!I hope all is well. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! I had no plans of posting today and here my butt is! LOL  I have been trying to get some things together for this awesome holiday season. I am featuring Chez Moi, [Cynful] & Jian & more today. I wanted to do a rainy day post since I have dusted off my weather system! LOL But geeze it's so primmy when it's on. I didn't even do my whole land and it's using over 200 prims. At least it only takes up prims when it is on. Me and my pigmuffin are just sitting here in this awesome space chilling. We are safer under here than we are in that convertible while it rains. LOL This rainy day set from Chez Moi at Sad November is so cute and packed with animations. The bench is color change. It is so cute and low land impact. It is versatile and you can switch out furniture to fit your needs of course. The umbrella is also color change! Don't be surprised to see this used in different ways in the future! I love having things that are low impact like this it really helps make the most out of your space with the prim amount you are have. I remember when a detailed chair like this would have been upwards of 13+ prims and the shed covering would have prob been upwards of 30+. Mesh really changed what is possible with decor in Secondlife. I recently shown my gbb or her sister (I was sleepy so my memory is a lil off) my old Stiletto Moody shoes. I still have them yall. LOL If you are old school you know those things cost the same as some RL shoes. LOL I just can't delete them still to this day. They are so historical at this point. Who df pays 3k for a pair of shoes on SL nowadays! NO one! But we used to! A few months back I was fussing because I didn't want to pay 1k for a fatpack of shoes and my sister was like really sis. When you used to buy Moody's! I am like girl times has changed!The shoes I have on today are from Phedora! I love how you get all colors when you buy their shoes. It's pretty awesome and it works great for someone like me that doesn't want to change shoes all the time! LOL I just change the color. Voila! My little piggy wanderer was a 25 play award at the last round of the arcade yall but they do have some other piggys available at Jian that you can get. There is another one similar to him that is a Rare companion.

I want to thank everyone who follows me and also new people that have joined my little world. If you are new to my blog I specialize in decorating and I also posts fashion posts on here. But, my page is mainly about home decor. I have an in-world decorating service but I like having a blog to share my decorating passion with everyone including those that like to decorate for themselves and just want new ideas or to see new products. I don't just rez a furniture set and take a snapshot. I really put 1000% effort into every post and I am truly proud of that. I truly enjoy decorating and even in my down time I am decorating! It's just what I do. Everyone should have their own special magical space on Secondlife and I really hope that with the posts I have done that you have found some things that added to your magical space. It makes everything worth it. Okay, Well that is all for today! I hope all is well and everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving. I thank you so much for stopping by! Feel free to bookmark me and visit back often. Also, feel free to follow me on Flickr! Thank you so much :)) Peace & blessings to you. xoxo, Ebony <3

I truly hope everyone had a blessed day today!!! Be safe if you go out shopping please! xoxo 

Stay Fierce* Stay Blessed


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