Majesty- Glamping the night away (Sativa)

Happy Saturday!! I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! Time for a new blog post and I am inspired by green and dew filled mornings. Featuring Chez Moi and Scarlet Creative. The Yurt has a porch built onto it. But I didn't need a porch so I took the sucker off. LOL I love yurts and tiny homes. I was so excited when I saw this yurt. I don't think I have seen anyone else make one. But, it's the only one I have and since it's in several colors it's all I need. I have watched tiny home shows where people get Yurts and build them. It's very interesting. Plus with the open concept you can truly make them what you want. You can have that experience in SL with this Glamping Yurt. You can never have too may social spaces by a fire this time of year. The chairs, pillows and wood texture are color change. I was inspired by the color green and listening to Jhene Aiko's Sativa song. I don't smoke. I used to be a big Nikotin head on SL. I was always smoking. It got to a point people assumed I smoked in RL. lol! I am one of those people that does not smelling like smoke of any kind. So that would've never been an option for me. LOL

 I wanted to use different green tones and just create a nice relaxing space. There was even 2 green options I could have changed the chairs to but this one suited the space more for me. This set is new at the Cosmo event right now. The chairs look so comfy and the fire is really nice. It's just enough without it being big and overbearing. I have spaced out the chairs a little but getting them a little close you can a ton of them for a big get together. You can even add other chairs that you like and mix them in to add a more custom feel to the space. But, I just love how comfy these look! Pillow and no pillow options of course. I am not posting as much right now because I have been sorting my inventory some and it takes time yall. Once I started sorting new builds I forgot about my older ones which are still very nice. Some stuff a year made old. Some things look still good if not better than some things made now. It's always good to have a mixture of older and newer things. Plus I have changed up how I am doing the first floor of my showroom. It's still set up as an office space for now. I was feeling bad but the way I have been pushing out blog posts I am sure/hoping yall don't mind the long delay on finishing it up. I hope you have an awesome weekend! I truly thank you for stopping by! Have a blessed evening. xoxo <333333 Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Chez Moi- Patio Firepit Vilarejo- Cosmopolitan event-
Orange Cake CHEZ MOI
Hanging Fern CHEZ MOI
Champagne Bucket Stand CHEZ MOI
Kalopsia - Flying leaves (green)
Kalopsia - Fireflies

Scarlet Creative Glamping Yurt
Scarlet Creative Teardrop Plant
JIAN Fallow Buck Static - Scratch
{what next} Provence Picnic Lantern
{what next} Provence Picnic Drinks Tray (green)
{what next} Provence Bowl of Strawberries
{what next} Hot Chocolate Mug Decor
{what next} Hot Apple Cider Mug Decor
%napoliy% Rock C 01
Action Autumn Leaves [MULTI A][LARGE]
HPMD* Dirt Road - dark brown
HPMD* Garden Tree07 - green b
HPMD* Cliff Hill - green A
HPMD* Shrub - ygreen*c
Garden by anc slight wildgrass {flash green} / SCREW 1Li
{anc} mist cloud [sungold] 1prim sculpt
Grass- {anc}



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  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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