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Hello there!!! New fashion post featuring Apple May Designs, [Cynful], Bauhaus, Chez Moi, Trompe Loeil & booN. This space was blogged on a previous post. So I will also have a link to it below. I don't always do fashion posts at spaces I have blogged but lately I have liked doing so. I just love these spaces that much. lol. Plus I had just gone done with this one and wanted to do a post since I had changed my clothes. These pants are brand new from Apple May Designs at the Sad November event until December. With the fatpack hud you have so many choices to choose from. I decided to have both the pant and belt the same color though. I was going to show yall a butt shot since my butt looks so good in these pants. LOL But, I wanted to show you the front detail more than I needed to show u my booty. My top is from [Cynful] with the fatty you can change the straps, tied knot, outline and shirt to many colors. It's actually my go to t-shirt especially with high waist bottoms. My wig is from booN. I was actually looking for my braided updo pony from the store but came across this updo instead and I love it the same. I am just in a casual mood today. My headphones are from Bauhaus Movement and they are gold and black I am wearing the version with no cord. They are really nice and very detailed. I lucked up and got these sneakers from Reign for 50L recently. Now I don't even think I need any more sneakers. LOL I am truly content with these since you get all colors.
Look yall, I miss wearing my mounts and they make my complexity huge. If you be lagging you just need to derender me when I land on the sim. Cause I am wearing my mounts atm. Just giving everyone a heads up. Be nice if they made them over with a decent complexity but until then mine is HUGE. I am not lagging though so w.e. LOL I hope everyone is doing well this holiday season. I have a ton of stuff in RL to do and of course I am preparing for Thanksgving which is around the corner a little too soon. I will be scaling back on my posts soon and doing them as time allows me. It seems when time goes back and it gets darker earlier the day goes by so fraking fast and I am just trying to keep up at this point. But, I have been enjoying posting more regularly. Blogging is truly a labor of love for me. If I didn't love doing it I would have been gone off here a long time ago. Knowing that not only my decorating brings me joy but it also helps others have the dream spaces that always wanted keeps me going. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate it. feel free to bookmark me and follow me on Flickr! Peace & Blessings. <333333 Ebony xoxo

Obviously my title is influence by Mj's iconic song. I stopped posting youtube links on here because I got a msg about it b4. But, they allow them on Flickr. I will have a link to my fav version of the song on my flickr post. <3

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


(AMD)- Apple May Designs Ribbon Pants - Fatpack - Sad November event-
[Cynful] Ness Tank Top 
booN Lab.005 hair (Materials)
Bauhaus Movement - Motorhead Headphones \ NO Wire GOLD

e.marie // RIGHT Friendship Bracelet - Rose Gold
EF: Rhapsody Necklace
REIGN.- Arianna Sneakers 
Label Motion- Thalia Pose

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-


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