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Hello there! New blog post featuring Chez Moi today with this new gacha key! This set is versatile and can easily be used inside your home, patio or under the stars in the grass. It just depends on what you are going for. I have it in a patio space all to itself for that getaway type feeling. Most of the items you see are from Chez Moi but of course I had to add my own touch to make it my own. I really love seeing how other people decorate. Not just rez items, but decorate! I remember maybe a yr or so ago when redgrave released a new home and advertised it as a 2 bedroom house. But, when you went to see it in-world they had it decorated fully and the 2nd bedroom was being used as a kitchen. So people complained it wasn't really a 2 bedroom house. LOL I went and had a look because I needed 2 bedrooms and I realized they couldn't get passed how it was decorated. Just because a home is set up a certain way doesn't mean you have to have it that way. One of the reasons I prefer seeing homes on display not decorated. Some people get tunnel vision. Look at it on the terms of how YOU need to use it. I wanted this space to feel like a celebration of fall. This Gacha key is filled with some cute items and they are all high quality. You can use them with the set or easily use them in other spaces as you choose. I am addicted to sofas and fireplaces so don't be shocked to see these items again in the near future. I put the gacha key below so you can see the items in the machine.

The wooden shed surrounding this space is the Seed of inspiration item. Play the machine 20 times and it's yours! Exclusive to this event. I love seed of inspiration items because you know upfront how many times you need to click to get it! lol PLus you can use this for so many other things if you choose. I added curtains from Kalopsia. They are my favorite to use and they are color change. They come transparent but of course mod so sometimes I change them from being transparent. It just depends on the mood really. But they are super low land impact and you can use them in so many ways. Another way to add a unique touch and make it feel more intimate. You have until the 28th to go to the event. But, don't wait or you will end up like I tend to do and miss it. LOL. October went by so freaking fast! It was crazy. My fav time of year goes by fast of course and Summer lasts for a whole eternity. My birthday is in the summer but I don't even care. I am just not a fan of the heat. I will not be rambling long today. I am trying to do a few more posts. Thank you so much for stopping by! I always appreciate it. Feel free to bookmark me and follow me on Flickr! Thank you!!!! xoxo <33333333 Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Pic 1: 
Chez Moi-Spider Wall
Fall Leaves Ground CHEZ MOI
Wooden Shed CHEZ MOI
Kalopsia - Arrow Curtains 

{what next} Happy Fall Banner
{what next} Colonna Beverage Extras (marshmallows)
[Commoner] Studded Pumpkin / Natural
Cheeky Pea :CP: Homeroad Fuzzies
Cheeky Pea :CP: Natalie String Lights
NOMAD // Red Rose Petals 08
ARIA - Amberleigh Hydrangeas In a Vase
The Loft - Multi-Candle Lantern Java
The Loft - Hayward Outdoor Rug
Hayabusa Design Trembles Tree M17-4 v1-1
Sway's [Autumn] Hanging Lanterns . orange
trompe loeil rocks
{anc} suger rose field [old] 1Li
(Cube Republic) CR Plumeria Yellow 1

Pic 2:

Chez Moi Spider Wall
Fall Leaves Ground CHEZ MOI
Wooden Shed CHEZ MOI
Picnic Cheese and Bread CHEZ MOI
Kalopsia - Arrow Curtains 

{what next} Colonna Muffins Decor
Cheeky Pea :CP: Homeroad Fuzzies
Cheeky Pea :CP: Jake's Tall Lantern
Heart - Aubretia - Large - Yellow - FULL - LOW
Hayabusa Design Trembles Tree M17-4 v1-1
(Cube Republic) CR Plumeria Yellow 1
Fancy Decor: Table Runner
HPMD* Garden Tree08 - green b

*Bonus Pic

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