Majesty- Lady In Red (Happy New Year 2017)

Well hello there!! Time for my first fashion post of the year. Happy 2017!! I am featuring [Cynful] in this beautiful dress. The Dress is called Persuede and is available in a billion colors. I always say that because you really get a ton of different color options when you buy a fatpack. Sometimes when you are really busy you don't have time to find another outfit and with so many color options it becomes a new dress instantly. I am wearing one of the red colors from the fatpack. I am still rocking red atm after Christmas and I am enjoying it. I am still trying to sort my inventory and with SL messing up at the moment it has been rough. How can you clean your inventory and sort it when SL has eaten half of your things? lol It will just be an ongoing fight. I am putting credits for the area around me and I will always do that if it's something I decorated. But I am trying to venture out more in different spaces on the grid so when I do not mention what the build is or who makes it just know this is a public area I am using for the blog post. However if I am asked I will gladly give landmarks to the places I am visiting which are usually blogger friendly. If you see me on a sim standing for a few hours you will know why I am there! lol I sometimes will plant myself as décor. I hope more creators will add panties to their dresses and skirts like [Cynful] and Apple May Designs. They really are a must have. Dudes can derender them but hey at least you not fanning in the wind all over SL! lol

You get panties with this dress and also different colors to change them to. I like having all of the options and colors and hardware so Fatpack is the way to go. But if you also like to get the essential one or two colors you will not be disappointed. I went to a sale recently and just bought black clothing lol. I am like ok I can get 3 more ugly colors I will never wear with the fatpack or just get the black. The colors that [Cynful] has with their clothing is worth the fatpack. They are rich and easy to match with shoes etc. So hey do what works for you. Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate it. I am going to try to see how many blog posts I can do while not feeling well. I just can't sit still and do nothing! <33333 Happy New Year!!!! xoxo, Ebony

                                                          Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


On Me:
Persuede Dress & Braclets- [Cynful]- Mainstore & on marketplace-
Fur Jacket- Tizuki
Necklace & Earrings- Ryca
Hair- Little Bones
Shoes- N-core Sublime
Poses- cNs old town enforcer & LeRawr

Nearest around me:
Xaviera Villa + Pool - Trompe Loeil
Vacancy Sign- Seven Emporium
Seasonal Boxwood  Arch - Botanical


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