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Hello there! Time for a new fashion post featuring Apple May Designs! I am wearing this sexy new bodysuit called Suit up. I had a hard time choosing what color to wear today. But, let me say if you want to get the attention of men this outfit will do it for you! lol I have had so many nice and perverted compliments I just don't know what to say at this point lmaooooo. It is for the most popular mesh bodies only! Please try a demo if you are unsure but you will not regret this purchase without a demo try on. It is new at the Season's Story event. It comes in several colors and I am wearing the black today with matching shoes that were made for the bodysuit. You get two fits with the shoes. One that is a normal fit and one that goes over the bodysuit pant bottom. Yall will notice I am not by myself in this picture I have one of the few very important people in my circle with me today :) Some extra eye candy for my picture of course. I've been helping him update his avi and you know men avis are hard as hell to get the right things for. This is just a start. I feel a good start though.

I do not have the credits for what he is wearing. It's all about my bodysuit today. However if you wanna know details of him I will get them for you. Can you believe we have had 2 weeks in 2017 already. For some reason I thought it was still the first week! lol Time is really going by.It's so nasty and dreary here today. This isn't my kind of weather to go out and about at all. Plus my fav eatery is closed until the 18th of this month. Sighs. I am going to see what I can decorate!! Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate you coming by. I am working on more posts. Feel free to bookmark me <3333 xoxo Ebony
Suit Up- Apple May Designs- The Season's Story-
Jewelry- Ryca and RealEvil
Hair: Little Bones
Scrolls- Consignment- Collabor 88
Motorcycles- Sau
Beagle- Jian 
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