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Hello there!!! Time for a new home post featuring Kalopsia today. The theme at the collabor88 event seems to be working out or yoga/gym time.  I love that this set gives you an alternative to use for a room in your home. Why use all your bedrooms as such if you don't need to? This set is called Kali's yoga set and it is super cute. The big balls are texture change. Get your head out the gutter people. You can exercise on the yoga mat and also do yoga. It's also texture change so you can totally customize your space how you want it. Everything is very low land impact so you can really rez as many items as you want without hurting your prim limit at all. I always look forward to the collabor 88 event and this theme is really fun.
I hope everyone is having an awesome Sunday! The weekend just goes by too fast but I like to at least get some posts out during the weekend if at all possible. I really loved setting up my new exercise space as I didn't have one set up at all. There is always a need for new spaces in your home! I am using a new build from Diamandis. I first saw this store at Collabor 88 and went over and saw this cute home. I am trying to find creators I may have looked over or not have come across their creations so if you see any new home stores feel free to slap a message at me. I really appreciate it and you stopping by of course. I am done rambling for the day and I wish you a blessed week! xoxo, Ebony
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Kali's Yoga Set- Kalopsia- Collabor88-
Boxlight Floor - Cream,Arrow Curtain- Kalopsia
Villa Aubrey 2.0- Diamandis
wanderlust . thrown shirt-dust bunny
ChainLamp"SODA" G/lay [water] 1Li-{anc}
PeeWee Puffs :: Tea Cup Bi-Color-JIAN
hustle print, wire & wood shelf- floorplan.
Taylor Hanging Light String,Lotus Spa Pendant Light, & - Cheeky Pea
Radiator - Light-Con.&floorplan.
Shoe Clutter Pink-Garbaggio
Stockholm-Sneakers decor (female)- Bazar
Stability Ball Rack-PILOT

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