Majesty- Emmett Till

Emmett Till was murdered and tortured in 1955.

He was killed long story short because a woman said he whistled at her. Seems now hard to imagine that if true or not something like this would cause someone to be tortured and killed. But this was the deep (racist) south during a time where people still thought it was okay....justified to do something like this to someone of a different race...just because they were a different race.

The sadness, the pain and the pure grief I felt as a teenager reading different stories in Black History when I read of Emmet Till's horrific murder. I cannot express it in words. I read on it years ago maybe when I was in high school. I am not sure of my exact age...but prob around the age he was killed. The pain to see his tortured body in those black and white pictures. It was hard to process that the pictures were of a teenager like me. The horror that this had happened to a14 year old child. Why would someone torture a child I couldn't imagine. I saw the pictures of his disfigured face and body. It was so painful to see a picture of him before all of this compared to what had been left of him. To show the pure brutality that was done to him his mother had him placed in a casket with glass so you could see....see what they had done. The fact that I my heart that he didn't do what was said of him.

To see that she has now after all of these decades finally admitted that she lied. She lied.  But, to make it even worse she says his murder ruined her life. What about the lives of his mother and family? The grief and heartbreak of his mother. The woman that loved him and showed everyone what these evil inhumane demons did to her child. The pain and heartbreak I see on her face in black and white pictures. What about Emmett whose life was cut short. Emmett that was tortured who had his eye gouged out and was surrounded by barbed wire. Emmett that was shot in the head. Emmett that was thrown in the water after being tortured like trash. What about the pain and horror that was felt because of the fact that not only was he murdered but his murderers got away with it! They even made money from an interview where they admitted to killing him.

They keep putting a memorial for him in that awful city he was killed in and it keeps getting shot down by racists. In 2017 that place is still filled with hate. The amount of rage this horrific story has always given me I cannot express with words. I typically do not talk about things like this but I am today. I am not a fan of bringing race in the discussion but this was all about race. Had this woman lied on a boy the same age who was white we would have never had this outcome. He wouldn't have been killed or tortured. There will be no justice for Emmett on this earth. Nothing can bring him back. Nothing can take away this story being a part of our Black history...American history....of the injustice that existed then and still exists to this day. I pray that the hell that she had him go through on this earth for her lies will be the same hell that waits for her when she finally dies. May there be no mercy for this inhumane vile woman. This horrible event happened way before I was born but is one of the many things in black history that has shaped my life and the way I see things. To really experience this life as a black human being...the knowledge of the horrific things that have happened to the ones before you. People want you to move this is 2017. So? Have we moved on from this? Have things like this stopped from happening? Are people still getting killed with no one brought to justice?Has the dream been fulfilled? Will it ever be fulfilled? I don't believe in my lifetime. That is the reality. But yet people want you to move on. Good luck with that.
This post is dedicated to the beautiful soul of Emmett Till. The boy that never got to reach his full potential because of racists. The boy that did not die in vain. Whose horrific murdered inspired civil rights movements and Rosa Parks. This is My own creative way of expressing my feelings. To show the heartache I felt when I learned of his demise so many years ago. He will never be forgotten. Especially by me. Rest In Power.
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

When we all can come together as one and stop treating people differently because of race then we will win. We will not win divided and I feel that is what they want.  We need to come together and see each other as humans not by color. We would be a force to reckon with as one...too much to control. Unstoppable and Unbreakable. I am a Black American female....When I check the box for nationality it is always African American. At the end of the day I am American. Will I ever be able to just put that?

This woman confessed this in 2007 but we just found out in the media yesterday. She spoke to an author writing a book on Emmett's death. A book that she won't let be released until 2038. Yes, 2038. I am assuming she wants to be dead and long gone before the release.

The Smithsonian's National Musem of African American History and Culture has recently opened in DC. I have been wanting to go as they have Emmett's original casket. I wanted to wait until the crowd dies down since it is so new. I am sure I will do a post on it when I am able to go. I know things like this can be touchy subjects but we cannot hide from or ignore it. The news that it is confirmed that she admitted her lie just brought so many feelings to my heart and I just had to express them. Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate everyone that comes by my blog. May you have a wonderful and safe weekend. <333 xoxo Ebony

For more info about Emmett Till feel free to look at links I put down below.


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