Majesty- Foxy's Hideout Part Two.

Hello there. This post is all about the interior of this adorable space. I have the living area downstairs which is mainly a sitting area and upstairs is the bedroom. Of course you can fit all of the random needed things in this space too if you must have them but in a more scaled down manor since the space is more compact or should I say petite? Of course I had to have some cute foxes throughout the space or it just wouldn't go with the feel of it. I moved the sofa and ottoman in the living room over to one side of the room so you can walk by it easily and get to the rest of the space with no hassle. I have a ton of little cute things in this space. You will not believe the credit list below but everything fits and you will not feel claustrophobic at all. I had quite a hard time taking the picture upstairs because most of it is white. I had super bright and also super dark pictures lol. I mean they came out looking like it was in a different house. Windlight and shadows can be tricky sometimes but I fought it until I got the right picture and feel that I wanted. This home is very comfy and warm.

I have a feeling it will get really cold before we have a nice Spring. I enjoy Winter. I just prefer it over Summer. The heat and humidity and people sweating with bad body odor is just doing too much. Well you can come into contact with that during the Winter months if people are just nasty but its more rare than in the Summer. The worst....A summer hot and humid rainy day and someone has body odor. The worse! The mall is the playground of those type of people lol Anyways I went all off subject into a rant. I think I got this bed from a Luxe Box so I am not sure if you will find it in the store. The flying hammy is also one you prob won't be able to find but everything else should be in the stores or gacha machines. The credits were long so I am not as specific as I normally am with what comes from where. I hope everyone is enjoying the new year. We all celebrate it but it still feels like 2016 but does any year feel like that year? Hell if I know. lol I want to thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate the views!I had a record number of views this past year and hope to surpass that this year and also do some new ventures. Feel free to bookmark me and follow me on Flickr. Thank you so much. <33333 xoxo Ebony
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Credits: Home used is Melody Cottage by Dust Bunny

Living room-
Daisy's Bagpack - Dots-Kalopsia
round curtain,coat rackdust bunny . camellia couch, berry cake . arcade gift 2015 (prob no longer avail) ,darling string light tapestry -Dust Bunny
Ruffle Ottoman Decor [white]-PILOT
the floral fox,departure board, herboristerie planks   -floorplan
LTD Studded Cushion (Monochrome), Fig & Blackberry Cake & Milk Urn w/ Wild Geraniums- Apple Fall
Lively Labs :: Not So Srs Bsns Pup & Arctic Fox :: Static Sleep -JIAN
Maiden Tor Fur Rug 2-*AF*
vintage camera light.-junk.
Flower 4 u - Hammy - Gacha Show Gift <3-Alchemy
[ Soiree ] Suspender Lamp-Ariskea
Crystal Sconce-Fancy Decor:

Upstairs Bedroom-
upcycled pallet bed-tarte.
H&G - Curtains - Silk Pools - Wide 1B-MG (Maxi Gossamer)
Head Planter-Di'Cor
Crystal Sconce-Fancy Decor:
Sleepy Bengal . In Bed - Gray-O.M.E.N
goodnight wire-floorplan.
CopyCat Art - Portrait of Sasha-(NO)
Toasty Space Heater (cream)-{what next}
ChainLamp"SODA" HangD [water]-{anc}

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