Majesty- Tropical Dreams

Hello there! TGIF! I am in the mood to do another home décor post. I am featuring Kalopsia at the Summerfest today!! I always look forward to the summerfest so this is fun. I tend to listen to music while I blog and I am just feeling myself a little too much! LOL It is so beautiful here today . I make no secret of my love for the things that comes from Isabeau's store Kalopsia. I am always excited to see a new release as it always inspires my creativity. I am such a creative person that I have to constantly do stuff. If not, I am a little all over the place lol. Like OCD cleaning the house or something. I am on a cute island from Headhunters that really fits the bill for this occasion and also works in many other types of settings. I just used it also in the middle of a beach surrounded by cliffs. I want to thank everyone for me making it to 1.7k followers on Flickr! I remember first starting out and I was so excited when I had got up to 9 followers. I have truly come a long way. If you look at the very old pics you see a big difference and I am so proud of that. This picnic set from Kalopsia set has so many cute things. Most of the items you see on this island are from the set and totally high quality and adorable. They are so versatile you will be using these suckers year round trust me. The pile of pillows are in PG or Adult versions. SL rebaked on me like crazy today while taking these pictures. I will not lie to you and say I was actually frustrated. I would look at the picture and one of the lanterns were blurry. Or the coconut sign and sometimes all of it. I am embarrassed to say how many pictures I had to take.

It was really horrible but it was worth the fight. Doing something different today and having the wifey pose for one of the pictures today. It's really fun taking pics of someone other than myself. Plus she is very photogenic and flawless. She changes her entire look so often though I am sure she will look different as I post this blog post! (She has changed already) lol. She was actually sleepy so I didn't want to go through 100 poses.  I controlled my OCD and picked my favorite out of two poses. I do not have her credits for her look but I do recognize her $800 Linden wig from Unorthodox at hairfair! lol I haven't really been a big tropical person on sl in the past. I decorate for it of course for others but for myself I usually don't use tropical things much. This season I have embraced tropical things and sets like this make it so easy. I am working on my Fruitatious showroom. It has been the same for a min and beyond time to renew. I am changing up the feel in there so feel free to have a last look. I also have to catch up on some other things so I will be here and there. I want to thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate it more than you know. I am posting again tomorrow. So check back. Thank you!!! xoxo <3333 Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Polly's Summer Picnic set- Kalopsia @ Summerfest-
Coconuts, Coconut sign & Island - Headhunter's Island
Chinchilla Beach Bath- Jian
Beach locations sign- Dust Bunny
Wall Surfboards- [-BLUE SKY-]
Decorative Light Set - Draped String-Botanical
 Round floating lanterns (patterns)-tarte.
  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location- New! [Cynful] Location-


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