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Hello there!Happy Saturday to you!I hope all is well. I have been busy and celebrating my birthday. I tend to celebrate it all month! lol Yes! All month long. SO now I am at the stage where I am getting fussed at because it has passed and I am still saying Look do this or I want this for my birthday. lol It has worn off and no longer working! I got my Georgetown Cupcakes and I am a happy camper! You think any cupcake bakery around the same price would be just as good. Truth be told they are not all the same. I wasted my money before on one called Red velvet cupcakery and I be damned if their red velvet among other things were horrible. I even remember them to be a little higher than Georgetown. Let's just say they are nasty and I will never do that experiment again. 1 cupcake from new places and not a dozen. I know who has the best and I am pleased with GTC. Just like decorating...blogging is a passion for me. I have to be inspired. Guess what? I have been inspired. I am featuring booN-kura today. These beautiful items called to me and I wanted to do them justice. I have this whole space on a cliff from HPMD. Now this thing isn't flat at all. But, that doesn't stop me from putting builds on them. I got this awesome build from the Japonica event right before it closed. I love Japanese builds and it was between this one and a different one that had sharper square edges on the end. It was one open room which is usually what I go for but this build has separate spaces and areas to eat food. So you know my foodie butt was in love. If you have never been to this event you must go the next round it's really beautiful and the stores are very high quality. I love the booN-kura store. It has some awesome décor pieces that will really add drama and that custom feel to any space you decorate.

These items really inspired the look of this place.This would look awesome in Winter also to bring out the big burst of red in this space! I had fireworks too. I really did. But they shoot up too high to see so I think the sunbeams work just fine. I always feel like go big or go home lol. It is so hot yall. My hair was soooooo curly and now the struggle is real lol.  The moon is still in the Zodiac Cancer and I was so emo last week.  So I am really being affected. But today I am feeling artsy. I am working on more home decor posts as I can. Being busy with rl being busy on here and time just flies for me. I don't want to come on SL and be overwhelmed. I come on for relaxation and enjoyment. But, I surely enjoy being able to post new things and oldies but goodies. I also enjoy the feedback for my posts and I love love knowing that everyone is finding things and ideas for your own spaces from my blog. It really makes this more enjoyable for me. Sometimes we buy these awesome cool things and then you get home and it's like wth am I going to do with this! ?! lol So if my posts let that feeling come to you less it is an honor! I put 100% into blogging and getting great feedback is appreciated. I do not rez stuff and say Viola!! I just can't sit here and put no real effort into what I am bringing to my page. This is a representation of me and my work. Even if I do not show a whole is fully decorated. I do not rez a shell and add a few things. Which is of course why I cannot push out posts every day like I did last year lol. I had way more time on my hands to do every space then. Okay, I am done rambling for now! Thank you so much for stopping by and next up is another home decor post! Stay Tuned. Peace & Blessings. xoxo <3333 Ebony

                                                             Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Ruined komakitsune, Ruined Ken Toro & Ruined Torii- booN-kura @KAGAMI-
Myojin Torii Red with pedestal,Japanese grandma A/C Unit, Toro Nozura mossy-booN-kura- Mainstore-

[MRS]Kayabuki Chaya Set-Marushin
Sunbeams- {anc}
Tulips- Little Branch
Downy Grass- *Alirium*
Japanese Maple Trees- Hayabusa Designs & Populus Serotina Peuplier
                                                                  Cliff- HPMD

Bonus Pic:
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