Majesty- Love Love Love Loovvee

Hello there! I wasn't planning on doing another blog post at all today. But I had just been thinking how I wish someone would make a hair inspired by SZA's Love galore video. Then I be damned as I slowly rezzed this wig my dream came true. I just said why not do a blog post of this. I do hope someone makes one with hair more like mine in rl so I can retire my old flexi wigs I get picked on for wearing. But this works for now! So.... here I am with a fashion post with this cute fit and shoes from Apple May Designs at Summerfest! There is an adorable bow on the back. There is also matching shoes available and bows for your wrists. Each product is available in 15 colors. The bracelets are the only item that includes all of the colors when you purchase it. I am mixing blue and pink together and even on my shoes but my fav pics are from the waist up! I will add a bonus pic below of my shoes for you. Odd moment in time as you are seeing me without planning. I am totally unfiltered with this post lol. I was just having fun and snapping away. It's nice to be in a carefree zone singing lol.

This outfit can be worn as such or as a swimsuit. I've just been wearing it everywhere and just changing the colors lol. I was wearing all red yesterday. Just go with how you feel. That is how I dress. The Zodiac is sitting on Cancer and it's wonderful. My birthday is soon and I can feel it on my cheeks. I am corny yall. I can't help it. I am not going to ramble much today just wanted to say hello and post this. I hope you have a safe and blessed weekend. Thank you for stopping by and be blessed. Feel free to bookmark me and follow my Flickr! xoxo, Ebony <333
                                                           Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Hair- Emo-tions
 Girl's best friend bracelet & ring-Heartsdale Jewellery
The Kylie Choker- Amala
Poses- The pose with my back turned is from Bauhaus movement at Liaison Collaborative.
 The other pose is by [CA].

Trees and flowers from Hayabusa Designs
Butterflies- *alirium*

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location- New! [Cynful] Location-

Bonus Pic: The straps, metal, shoe and sole can be changed with the texture hud menu. Customize your look as you want!


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