Majesty- Thankful (Thanksgiving 2016)

Hello there! Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone will have a wonderful holiday today. Please be safe if you are going out tonight shopping. There is some crazy people out there so travel in groups and be aware of your surroundings. I will not be in that mess I stopped the black Friday madness years ago. There is nothing and I mean nothing I want bad enough to fight through people trying to save a few dollars. Half the time that crap is sent to the stores just for that one day and it isn't even good stuff. Check the Hz count on that tv you got your eyes on. Most likely than not it's very low lol. I will pass. Anyways! I think one of my favorite rooms to decorate is the dining room. It is the room you can make super elegant without complaint. I am featuring Aphrodite shop today with this dining room set and chandelier. It is so pretty. Please note you cannot separate the chairs. I was going to add more of the chairs around this room and realized they are all linked together. They are really elegant and comfy at the same time and I wanted to put them all over the place. I am not the typical blogger. I interior decorate so I just don't put down an item as it is in the box and snap a picture. There is plenty of bloggers that do that.

When you see something I am blogging the whole house/skybox has been decorated not just the featured item. One of the reasons I am not able to blog every single day lol. Plus I do so many homes at a time that I don't have the time to post everyday. It really takes time to make a space your own. Plus I love making sure every little detail is perfect. My client list for now is closed. Holiday season has most of my extra time and I just don't have much to spare at the moment. All of the food in this space is from Aphrodite shop. I got the food from the Thanksgiving and Christmas Buffet Tables by Aphrodite shop and they fit this space perfectly! Make the most of your Thanksgiving in-world with these lovely food givers to make your meal and RP complete. I am not going to ramble long but I like posting on my favorite holidays. I wish you a blessed evening. Have a blessed, safe & Thankful Thanksgiving my friend. <3333 Ebony XOXO

                                                    Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Royal Holidays Chandelier & Royal Holidays Dining room set- Aphrodite shop-Tres chic event-

Raleigh Archway-Trompe Loeil-

London dots (Gold)- [ keke ]
In the rain drop lamp / float 2Li {gold} & frilled furrug / cocoa 2Li- {anc}
Animal rug.-junk.
Fabrique, Edi's Lamp (Wicker),Sunrise Mirror &Venetian Oil in Gilt Frame- Apple Fall
String light pallets / grey-floorplan.
Shelter- ::HURSEL:: 

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