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Hello there! It is that time of year huh? I was like hey it's not time to break out Christmas stuff yet it hasn't even been Thanksgiving! lol But I see more and more Christmas items on the Marketplace. In fact the same stuff that's been on there for the past 2-3 yrs! lol Hey I am bringing you NEW stuff today people.  This lovely tree is from Aphrodite shop and you get a few different versions. I am using the décor one. But there is also one for couples and a PG one. It is actually just the right size and very pretty. I am also featuring this adorable sofa set from Kalopsia called Joyce's Lounge which is at my favorite event to shop Collabor 88! I love the lights and the chairs. They are so beautiful and the textures are so nice as you would expect! The armchairs are texture change, the lights glow and flash. There is also a walkie talkie that makes sounds in this set. This space is set up as a holiday space as well as game room. Everything is very versatile and you can use these items in many versatile ways. I am not going to ramble. Leaving this short and sweet on this cold Fall day.

Thank you so much for stopping by and stay tuned!  I have more home décor to show you! <333 xoxo
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Heart Homes "Luxury Regency" Christmas tree DECO ONLY 1.0- (This Flickr link has links for all version of the Christmas Tree:
Merry Christmas Santa Claus - Aphrodite Shop-
Joyce's Lounge- Kalopsia- Collabor 88-
Wood Signs- Noel & Joyeux, Sleigh, Pillows, Briony's Curtains - Kalopsia-
Kenna Cabin- Trompe Loeil-

Duke Puffington, Esq.- Jian
Wood table & Traveler bag- Bazar
Poppy Seed Loaves & Tournament Billiards Table - Apple Fall
[Suren] Fake Fur Rug- Ariskea
Decorative Light Set- Botanical
[bauwerk] Library Shelf-227669

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