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Hey there! time for a new blog post. I am enjoying my new bathroom and wearing some new items that I am totally flossing today. My space will be blogged on the nest posting but today it is all about fashion. I also post in Flickr and many of my groups don't want people in the pictures of the home décor pictures in the group so I tend to separate the two for this reason. I am wearing these sexy pants called Taylor from Apple May Designs. You get a color change hud and yes you can change the color of the lace top part. You can choose from 7 awesome colors or you can get the fatpack hud which is only 299L. Cmon yall you pay more than 299L for a wig. Don't be cheap lol. These pants are Very beautiful and delicate. I have received many compliments and I just put it on. Please try a demo they are made for mesh bodies only. I am also wearing a tank top Apple made and honestly you can never have too many tank tops. Just an everyday need for your virtual closet. So excited for the new prims coming yall. they can't come fast enough! I am in dire need of more prims lol. So many cute builds I wanna set up and decorate it just cannot come fast enough.

I am not going to ramble too much today. I have a ton of things to get done today. Time goes by so fast and with the time change it gets darker earlier and it just makes the damn seem over so early. I have to glance at the time and it's always earlier then I was thinking it was. By the time I get used to this time change it will be time to change it again lol. I truly thank you for stopping by! Stay tuned for my home décor post featuring this awesome bathroom by Kalopsia next. <3333 xoxo Ebony

                                                       Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Taylor Pants  - Black (New) -Apple May Designs- Mesh Body addicts event-
Comfy Tank - White *WindLight*,She's So Fancy  - Cream- Apple May Designs mainstore-

My background is featuring Kalopsia at the Chapter Four event- Stay tuned tomorrow to see the post for this amazing gacha key in it's entirety. Thank you! The Chapter four-

Hair- Xia -little bones.
*All jewelry in this post is from Mandala.
B(L)_Bangle [MANDALA]HARAMITA-season2-Bangle
B(R)_Bangle [MANDALA]HARAMITA-season2-Bangle

Poses- (Listed accordingly) Focus Poses & Eternal Dream Poses

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