Majesty- The "Bathroom"

Hello there! I am doing what I do best.......decorate! I have never been a big fan of bathrooms on sl. Well let me clarify. I haven't been very keen on toilets. I've had many homes and decorated many with bathrooms. I can honestly say I never roleplay using the toilet in sl lol. My big sister Preci did when she was preggo but that is a different story! I do however love bath tubs!!! It has been a long time since I blogged a bathroom and now is the time for a new one. I am featuring Kalopsia today! This bathroom set is part of a gacha key called Hannah's Bathroom Haven. There is 14 items to collect and one rare (The bath rub) with 10 couple and 10 single poses. Mirrors, rugs and shower curtains to name a few are in this gacha set now at the Chapter four. I am using the loft that was in the Decorate box. When I saw another 1500L monthly box I was like oh Lord lol. These things really add up! But, I could not pass on a home décor box. The item from Cheeky Pea stole the show and was the first thing I opened up and my favorite. The theme was November rain and look at the rain on the window. Just magical. When I saw this big window I new my bathroom would be in that particular space and I love it so much.

I like putting seating in my bathroom. Sometimes you are in your bathroom and trying to pick something out to wear and it takes forever. Then someone wants a tp and need somewhere to sit. There you go...comfy seating in the bathroom without a toilet. It just seems more elegant to me lol. Hey, I am not against toilets for other people! I do not mind doing a traditional bathroom with a toilet. You just do not see them in my own personal bathrooms unless it's some kinda amazing toilet that does some amazing stuff lol. Okay let me go while I am ahead. I am a little tired and I need to do some things before my lazy kicks in. Thank you of course...for stopping by as always! Stay tuned. There is always something new to show you. Fun yet sometimes overwhelming! lol Thank you <3

                                                               Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Hannah's bathroom Haven gacha- Kalopsia- The Chapter four event-
Suitcases & Sadie's Art - Vibes & Big Ass Fancy Vase (modded with flowers)- Kalopsia - Mainstore LM-

Majestic Wall Lamp-TA
Amphora (modded with cotton)- bazar
Ruffle Ottoman Decor- Pilot
Dropped Dress- Dutchie
sassy daisy vase / white , no vacancy plank & string light pallets / mint- Floorplan
Edi's Lamp & Sunbleached Setee (Canvas)- Apple Fall
Ambrose Rug Dark- ARIA
in the rain drop lamp / float- {anc}
Hortensia Hand Towel - DIGS
Healing Crystals {gold}-SPELL
Alexandria Loft Conversion- Cheeky Pea

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