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Hello :)  I am just chilling and wanted to post a new fashion post. I am featuring this dress from Cynful. Cynful is now in the Collabor 88 event as full time designers! I am excited about that since this is my favorite event on SL. This dress is awesome of course. You can wear the blouse opened or closed. You can also change so many things people. The shirt color, cuffs, metals, buttons and of course the dress. This dress comes in a billion colors and there is also special colors for just the fatpack. This is a must have fatty pack dress. I am also featuring my fav braid ponytail from booN. I just love wearing it. I like showing off my earrings  and my jewelry period. Takes me forever to dress on sl. Just one of the many quirks of being a super duper moody ass person. If it don't look right it's just a long process. I wear black so much in sl and rl. I don't want to have my posts seem too gloomy. My mood comes off on all these pictures lol. I am like a really deep thinking type of person and a perfectionist. So as I sit here listening to music staring at these pictures making sure they portray what I am trying to show in a correct manner I am in my own zone.

My phone didn't change time so my butt ran out to get breakfast an hour earlier than I meant to today! lol Hello time change!!! New week straight ahead yall. I hope everyone is having a blessed day. I need to go ahead and post this while I am ahead of the game. Make sure you get this dress! Try a demo!!! The options are just awesome. My background is mostly from Consignment. I did  not decorate this. I usually blog my backgrounds when I decorate. This is all thanks to wifey. <3

                                                      Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed
Doppleganger Dress(fatpack options shown) & Gratitude choker- Cynful- Coming to Collabor 88 on the 8th!!!-
Miss spider bracelets- Apple May Designs-
Shoes- Sublime- N-core
Taper neko earrings- Mandala
Poses- Focus poses
Tegrin necklace- (crybaby)- random.matter

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