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Hello there!! Excited to be featuring Kalopsia today! New Gacha key at the new round of Arcade and it's adorable. You know I love anything dealing with food! lol There is two rares in this awesome set. The carts are the rares. This whole set is really adorable and you can mix and match with other Kalopsia items and you can also use these items for other purposes. Very versatile set and I love versatile items. I can't even pick a favorite item it's so many cute ones. Do not be surprised if you see these items in future posts on here. Apple Fall was right on time. I was using his older Spring parasol and he brought out this updated Summer one at Fameshed and I ran and got it. I am so mood based if something isn't looking perfect or giving the feel I want I just keep going like the energizer bunny. LOL I am like hold on.........The hedgehogs eyes were closed people. His eyes was closed. LOL I am a perfectionist and I would not post a picture with this dude sleeping! Hold that hat up and be happy! I cammed out wider at first because I have quite a few carts in this space but I want you to see the items better so I did closer shots this go around. I say this because some people (not hating) put a few things down and BOOM. Done. I had fun decorating a full plaza/café area with these items.

The weekend comes upon us so fast! It has been so pretty the last few days. I hope that continues through the weekend. There is 3 sims for the Arcade which makes it way easier to get in then it used to be. It might be a little busy since it's the weekend but I am not sure. I put the full gacha key below so you can have a look at it and see all of the goodies. I hope you have an awesome Saturday. Thank you for stopping by as I appreciate it. Feel free to follow me on Flickr and here if you like. I have all my links below. I still have to finish more showrooms so be on the lookout for those posts in the future. Thank you so much. <33333 xoxo Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Juliette's Summer Plaza- Kalopsia- NEW at the Arcade!!

Golden Shower Tree 7xcolors C/M- 3D Trees
Aubretia - Large- Heart
Summer Parasol- Apple Fall- Fameshed
Brown Plain - Urban Road- Roost
Garden wall- The Domineaux Effect
New Beginnings - Cottage Cairn's Haven RARE- 8f8
Playful Pibbles 18. Food Coma-JIAN
Peek-a-boo Hedgehog (Rez) [Champagne]-!Ohmai
Pacific Gull (Stance4 - Rez)-!Ohmai

The Key!!

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location- New! [Cynful] Location-


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