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Hello there! I hope all is well. Taking a break atm...and taking a break for me is blogging lol. I also set up a little beach. I am featuring Kalopsia today. This resort set is new for the Collabor88 event. The cute cabin comes in 3 different colors and I just slightly tinted a couple. The chairs have two versions. One with a pillow and one without and tons of cute prints to choose from to customize more to your liking. I chose several of the different prints to use and it just made this little beach so pretty and colorful. I wanted a little more green on this beach so I used the Tropical beach set from Skye Studio and its really nice. You can build it up as much as you want with outcrops and really let your creativity go wild. It is so hot here yall it is really doing the most. There is a ton of items on this beach and I will list them all below of course. The beach is actually bigger but you cannot see from my pictures. There is another beach on the opposite side of the mountains. I really had fun decorating this beach and everything is built up. I don't have it on any LL land at all. I remember when mesh came out and I was fussing lol. Mainly because it made my computer dated and I had to upgrade to see everything LOL. I was like this is not good at all! But, man how did we make it on here without mesh! It's hard to imagine now but leaves good memories. There will be a time where many people on here will not remember the old things that we used to do.

Just posted the pics on Flickr and now my photostream is looking different. The OCD in me wants to try to fix this but I am making a milestone. It can stay like this. I am tired. LOL I am not going to ramble much today yall. I need to cook and eat something or my mood is going to go south! I want to thank you for stopping by! I really appreciate it. I also appreciate the awesome feedback. Thank you much. I just cannot say it enough. I hope where you live is as pretty as it is here today. Peace & Blessings <3333333 xoxo Ebony
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed
*Bonus Pic below! 
June's Summer Resort- Kalopsia- Collabor88-
JIAN Beach Corgis :: Beach Towel RARE
JIAN Beach Corgis :: Drink Cooler RARE
JIAN :: Kitty Shark Bed
dust bunny . beach bag . cream
dust bunny . coconut drink
dust bunny . pineapple drink
dust bunny . coral bottle . white
dust bunny . darling string light tapestry
dust bunny . life ring
Apple Fall Summer Parasol
{anc} sunbeam/wide(clear) 2LI
Garden by anc bamboo 2Li
The Loft - Leather Side Table White
NOMAD // Fan Palm Tree // Green
[Brixley] beach sign
[Brixley] driftwood fence a
{what next) Sandbridge Ice Cream Cart  & Decor - Pink & Green
Tiki Tattoo - Mesh TIKI Aloha 4Prims
Trompe Zohra palm tree
Skye Cliffs- Skye Studio
Tropical beach - Skye Studio
[we're CLOSED] balloon swing white
+Half-Deer+ Tropical Birds - Blue-and-Yellow Macaw (Static)
{what next} Palisades Palm Leaf Decor
HPMD* Cliff Hill - green A
brocante. bateau bed /wood&white
[Con.] Backyard Shower - PG 
Bonus pic:
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