Majesty- Magical Slumber

Hello there! New post featuring Aphrodite shop today. I had planned on doing more posts this week but I have been very under the weather. There is a bug going around here and I got it and it will not go away. It actually gets worse at night. But, I wanted to get this post out to you today! SO I am just suffering through some things lol. This space is in a Turnip Skydome. I love using them for sky spaces. There is a texture for every single look you could want. I have a special place in my heart for sky spaces since I used to basically only live in the sky on sl for many years. My goal is to always create a space that makes you forget you are in the sky and have that ground feeling. UNLESS you wanna feel like you are in the sky lol. This awesome shabby chic bed is the inspiration to the mood in this new sky dreaming please. It's available now at the Sanarae event. This space is full of lush greenery. I just went to the botanical gardens last weekend and being a big greenery person I really enjoyed it. It also helped with me being inspired to do a very lush botanical type feel for this space. Let me say I loved all the plants but I was hot....and they have automatic sprinklers in there that shoots out misty water every 10 mins. Misty water people. Misty water and my hair? No lol. I had a funny reaction to it at first and then I just enjoyed the experience. I can be very colorful in all types of ways lol. Especially in a situation that I am fussing about lol. But we had an awesome time and it just gave me an excuse to get my hair done again!

I love statues from Kalopsia. I tend to use these a great bit. I have used them in all types of spaces. Indoor or outdoor it doesn't matter they really give the space the elegance you want. Be it a mansion or a industrial loft space. They go well with any of those. Made from Kalopsia and they are pretty important items in my invy. The woodland drams build is what I got from Dust Bunny's newest gacha machine. You have to play 20 times to get it and I love it. I got 0 rares however. I did continue to play and never got a rare! I got drug yall....smh #painful  I did conquer that fight and walked away quite a few times. LOL  Thankfully Dust Bunny is one of those stores that have beautiful commons in their machines so I got many cute odds and ends. I refuse to play machines with bad commons. I just go to marketplace at that point. Please note this build is 51 prims aka land impact. I also put my awesome sheep from Jian in this space and honestly I love Jian. The animals are always so pretty and I have a fit to get every set. it's rare for me to be in a space now and not use something from the store. Every space I decorate is a reflection of my mood and I am trying to beat this cold. But, still relax and that is feeling I was going for here.  I sometimes leave my surroundings as my screen saver. Just focus on that perfect spot and walk away lol. I hope everyone will have a blessed weekend.  I am about to go take something for this cold. Be blessed <333 xoxo, Ebony

                                                               Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

"French" Bed   (PG)  1.0a-Aphrodite - Sanarae Event-
"Romantic Wedding" RosePetals
Fancy Statue & Beatrix Venus Statue-Kalopsia- Mainstore-
Turnip's skydome -Spring & etheral texture collections- Turnip's Homes-

Sheep Collection :: (Static - Baahh)- JIAN
Odeletta Privacy Screen-The Loft & ARIA
 o-feerique on torso-Mikunch
Sylvia Bathroom - Gold Veil Canopy & Sleeping Cupid 3 Tier Fountain - Light-[Tia]
Super long Hanging Hedera-Soy.
Chidi Canopy-The Loft
woodland dreams . makeshift gazebo . 20 roll reward- dust bunny
Berlin-rug- ~BAZAR~
Crystal Sconce-Fancy Decor
Taylor String lights- Cheeky pea
Decorative Light Set - Sphere Scattered 4x4m-Botanical
Heart - Aubretia - Large - White - FULL
Roman Paving Stone Floor F-Stormwood
Garden Tree-Fanatik Architecture
Mesh Mediterranean Cypress & Boxwood Hedge v2 - Botanical
Golden Shower Tree 7xcolors C/M- 3D Trees
Square Field of White Flower M5 v1-2 T315-Hayabusa Design
 DownyGrass [Green]-*alirium*
Bonjour sign- Floorplan 

Bonus picture:

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location- New! [Cynful] Location-


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