Majesty- Thee.Feast

Hello there! I am here today with a post featuring Aphrodite Shop with this amazing feast dining set. It is not a small dining set. It really deserves the name feast! It is packed with food and plenty of seating space to entertain a full house of people. I wanted this space to feel warm. The best home for warm in my opinion are more rustic type cabins. I am using  a build from Scarlet Creative that called to me. I wanted the space to be warm, rustic and elegant. Any space can have a touch of glam. Especially when I am decorating it! This set is at the RFL event today and you should have a run down if you would like it. It has poses for all ages so it will be perfect in any type of setting. This weekend has been so pretty. I enjoyed the warm air even though heat and humidity is a beast to my curls! lol So many convertibles and those cars a lot of guys are getting now that are little 2 seater cars that have no tops. They were all over the place. I can only hope they have a garage since I don't think those things have any type of storage top. I always see them driving by and haven't had the chance to harass someone while stopped someplace lol!

I am very busy and my time limited atm. My client list is temporarily closed. I have been working on several things so I really have to get everything done and perfected. But, check back as this blog keeps going! I love updating it and sharing beautiful things with you. Feel free to follow or bookmark me. Flickr is a easy way to follow me without seeing all my rambling also! Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate it so much!!! Have a blessed week! <3333 xoxo Ebony
* My special guest in this dining room is my chicken since everyone tried to be haters this past week. I tend to wear pets from Jian and my favorite one atm is a chicken. I have gotten so much fun picked at me because my sisters, friends, wifey....ALL want so say chickens are for eating and not to be as pets which I obviously do not agree with. I had to take my chicken off since they all acted ashamed! I can have a pet chicken beside me matching my clothing and it be cute. So in protest I added my fancy chicken I won at the gacha machine in this space as a guest and not as food!! <3
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

Aphrodite Medieval cheeses tower
Aphrodite pork feast platter with potatoes & fruits
Medieval banquet set- Aphrodite Shop- RFL Event-

tarte. hanging rope lights (silver)
GA Home - Hanging Lamps
Can't Even -- Golden Vase with Twigs
Apple Fall Period Fireplace
Apple Fall Square Lead Planter w/ Bay Leaf Topiary
[-BLUE SKY-] Whiskey Barrel (Rusted)
[-BLUE SKY-] Vineyard Barrel - C
Schadenfreude Gold Onagadori Chicken! RAREhardonnay (Rusted)
DRD deerhead chandelabra dark
[Con.] Regal Bookcase - 2 tone:
CP: Taylor Hanging Light String
Scarlet Creative Mistletoe Lodge without Snow Roof


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