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Happy April Fool's Day! I have been here enjoying this Saturday evening and it's really been nice today. The weather is really nice. I am featuring This Bombshell outfit from [Cynfu] Today. I did a few new fashion posts and this one was taken at the beach I posted yesterday so I was like I might as well keep going! Tomorrow I will do a home décor posts but today is all about fashion. This set is at the Collabor 88 event which is ending soon so make sure you run down. After the event I am sure it will be at the mainstore though. I totally copied details about the pants and top from Cyn's Flickr that I will paste at the bottom with the credits! They always have a ton of color options for each creation they make and I want to make note of that. ALSO the top comes with a bellychain that is hidable as well as pants with a leg chain and mind you they are texture change with texture change for the gem colors.

This is not the full perm mesh people buy on MP people. This is original content so make sure you go out and support high quality items like this. I am not being bias because I totally love the creators. The creations they make are just awesome and I am always excited to see more new things being chunked out. I am not going to ramble today as I just got home and I am trying to rest a second. Then I will work on finishing my last posts and do a few projects etc. Gotta stay busy! Thank you so much for stopping by. I will be posting again asap. Feel free to follow me on Flickr. Bookmark me here and check back often. Thank you truly so much <333 xoxo Ebony

                                                         Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Bombshell Top and Pants- [Cynful]- Collabor88 event-
Persuede Bracelets- [Cynful]
Earrings, Necklace & Rings- Swallow
Poses- {PM}
Hair:Little Bones
Shoes- N-core
Location-Maison de L'amitie  (beautiful sim)-

The Bomshell Top has for each Color following hud controlls included:
- 1 Solid + 1 Ombre
- 7 bellychain metals
- 25 Gem colors
- Bellychain show/hide option
and each color for the Bombshell Pants come with following options included:
- 1 Solid + 1 Ombre
- 7 legchain metals
- Legchain show/hide option
Both fatpacks include following options:
- 27 Solids + Ombres
- 7 metal colors
- 25 gem colors
- Bellychain show/hide option
- 27 Solid + 27 Ombre
- 7 legchain metals
- Legchain show/hide option
Belleza Isis, Freya + Venus
Slink Hourglass + Physique
Maitreya Lara


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