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Hello there! Excited to bring a new post today featuring Heart Homes (Aphrodite Shop). I am finishing a new round of posts along with this one. I have to stay busy and get out my creativity. I can go nuts if I don't. It's a real process. My pictures are indeed now bigger and I am still working on getting them better as I work on updating things in SL. I have something AWESOME to show you today!! You are never too old to have playtime. Last year I posted some awesome water toys like this from the same store but I really love this one also. You can never have too many different kinds of these. There is tons of animations and their is animations for grown avis as well as kid avis. I have a little island on my land that I set this up on. It's now called playtime island! lol This is truly a must have to add for Spring/Summer fun for your whole family or just for those of us that are big kids. I admit I am a big kid yall lol. I am a fan of snow on sl. But I love using lush greenery on here. With the low impact of trees nowadays and flowers I just love going crazy making a space really full and lush.

This island is like it's on little personal destination on my land and I love it. I really hope everyone is having an amazing Sunday! The weekend goes by so fast but takes years to get here every week lol. I think it's because we try to do so much during these 2 days it just seems to fly by. Well I thank you so much for stopping by as always. I am still working on projects and my newest showroom location. I am torn between working on getting it finally done or redoing my showrooms that are already up. It's hard being indecisive with this lol. But hey I will get it all done. Feel free to follow me on Flickr and bookmark me here and visit showrooms before I start to take those suckers down and start anew. <33333 xoxo Ebony

    Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


"Dragon Slider" Kids Castle - <Heart Homes> - Thimble Event-

All of the greenery is a mixture from HPMD, Little Branch & Hayabusa Design.

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