Majesty- It's All Love (Valentine's 2017)

Hello there! Valentine's day is just around the corner. That is why I am featuring the perfect dining set for all the love birds today. It is from Aphrodite shop and brand new. The chairs sit like this when no one is in them. But when you sit down they go under the table perfectly. There is many place settings for a nice romantic dinner. I also like the décor you can use so it's all pretty before you have a seat and eat. The chairs have talking animations and dining ones just to name a few and it's really pretty awesome. With this set you will easily have the perfect dinner for your romantic moment without having to do too much. Well..Unless you want to! I was going to have it all bright in here but I wanted it to be more romantic to I darkened my surroundings. The cute Valentine's bear is also from Aphrodite and there is many versions. That way you can give one or more to your special someone. I am more into red than I am pink so I used the red Valentine's day bear in this romantic space.

I wanted to do a close up of the table so you could see the beautiful décor. The swan napkins and rose are the décor in the menu and I also rezzed some dessert on the other plate. There is many food options and all are really nice. It was really hard for me to pick what to use. But hey it is a good thing to have too many choices at times....and this is one of those times. Hey, males if you want to impress someone you better take this blog post as an example ijs. LOL I had to throw that in there. This is the beginning of a new series of home décor posts. How I love to show you new décor and builds. Sighs.........Just as much as I love decorating them. It's just...what's the word? Exhilarating! I want to thank you so much for stopping by. I really enjoy being able to show you new awesome things on the grid. Stay tuned my friend...I am just getting started! xoxo, Ebony

                                                     Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


French Valentine Dinner- Heart Homes (Aphrodite Shop)-
Arrow Curtains - Left, Beatrix Venus Statue & Big Ass Fancy Vase -Kalopsia

Petals and Candles v3-TA
Heart Fairylight Balloons - Dark - Group-+Half-Deer+
Arrow scroll-floorplan.
Traveler-Roman amphora with flowers- Bazar
Taylor Hanging Light String- Cheeky pea
The Marcus Studio Apartment- [PM]Pixel Mode
Period Fireplace-Apple Fall

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