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Well SL decided to eat my wig!! lol  I am wearing two wigs on this post today. I was going to wear the second one for both pics but this pose made my hand go through the hair in a weird way. Never mind the fact that SL had eaten the 2nd one. I was like I have this wig already. I see it on my blog but it's not in my invy. So I just bought the fatty! lol Hey, I love my booN hair people. Have to have it. Featuring booN and Cynful today. When I saw all of the 90's themed items for the Rewind event I was like yo where is my boombox! Sadly I just had red and silver. So I ran down and played the gacha machine and got the rare and a gold one. Ha! These gacha machines are the devil so I am glad I lucked up for once today. This top is in 2 versions. One is a bra but I am rocking the hell out of this shirt version. You can also have strings also and it comes in a billion colors. I felt like wearing pink today so I won't scare too many people off today with showing a softer side LOL. In my own zone today just relaxing. Decided to play with shadows and windlight settings. Just got done decorating some more homes. I mostly blog home décor but it's fun to take pics of what you wear for the day w/o putting on something just for a blog post. That would make blogging feel like a chore to me. No Thank you. My top and skirt are both from [Cynful]. I love that all of their most recent bottoms have underwear. I have actually stopped wearing most of my clothing if it doesn't have panties. It just looks nicer when you have them and it's a pain finding ones that fit everything.
All of my Jewelry is also by [Cynful] and I have been wearing these pieces out. I really love jewels in rl and sl. You always have to add some nice finishing touches to your outfit. Working on some new posts to post soon. SL keeps me on my toes yall. there is always something new out that needs to be shown. When events start it's like all the bloggers are wearing the same things lol. I try to wear my stuff in a different way or just post later which is easier for me because I need to the time to get my stuff straight anyways lol. Well thank you so much for stopping by. It is time for me to get some stuff done. I appreciate you stopping by. Feel free to bookmark me and follow me on Flickr. Thank you, xoxo <3 Ebony

*I super sized my boobs for an outfit I had on the other day and looks like I forgot to change them back! lol Well got milk? lol <3

                                                         Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

 Lab.054 hair (Materials)-booN

Chilli Jersey, Earrings & Necklace-[Cynful]- Rewind event-
Persuede Bracelets &  Play Back Mini-[Cynful]

Alchemilla - Freya-#EMPIRE
Poses- BEZ!
Boombox- [Since 1975] (Gacha)

Neon Stud Angel-uk -
Naughty Neon - Dominatrix-[Kres]
STATION-B RARE- 10T&Co. /  Ten Thousand & Co.

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