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Hello there!!  I am featuring Aphrodite shop, Trompe Loeil & Diamandis today. I have been wandering all over sl for the newest home décor/build creators and Diamandis is one of the newest ones I have come across. Hey, I could be a little behind but the store isn't too big yet so I consider them new :) I got some awesome builds from there and really looking forward to what will come out next. The kitchen is decorated pretty simply compared to what you will see from the other spaces in this home. But the awesome espresso makers make the room pop. They are from Aphrodite shop and when you click it you choose which drink you want and you also get to see the cup fill right before your eyes before it pops into your inventory. It comes in so many pretty colors I couldn't use just one. You can pick which drink you want by using a cute smartphone or just click it. This skybox is only 44 Land impact. Nice home for a single or couple easily. Three rooms in this space. I like that you can see them in-world without furniture. There is nothing...........nothing that annoys me more than seeing a staged home. It really limits peoples imaginations on what the space could be. People tend to think since it's set up at the store as a kitchen...well it can only be a kitchen! No NO!!!! lol It is whatever YOU want it to be. For me it just takes away from me seeing what I can do with the space and it gets on my nerves. Anywho! Use the rooms to fit your needs. I am not a big bathroom person at all. So, I will not be featuring one in this space as an example today. But I do have some older posts that show my work with bathrooms. I have a special place in my heart for skyboxes. So many people use them and they need to work for multiple purposes so you wont fill stuck in a little box. There is one wish I would like for home builders to do. I would like to have the exterior of some skyboxes to look like a home. That way you don't have to have them in the sky to not be an eyesore. So that way you can be on the ground as you please and still have your low prim home to enjoy and the scenery on the ground. I think it would make a difference and make them even more versatile as a home.

I have all of my settings up so if you use lower settings please note you will see the espresso maker mainly black where you see a metallic like purple/blue right now. I tend to play a lot with my windlight and graphics so I just want you to know it's not just you if you see it in a different shade than you see here in my pictures. I love the glitter sparkle on this one so I had to show it up close and give you glimpse of me filling a nice warm cup.Inside this skybox you look out to your surroundings. Just like a house. Which I truly love about this skybox. You do not feel claustrophobic or feel like you are in a closed little box. But note the outside is a black square box so I have it in the sky in a Turnip Skydome to add trees and décor so I can still have that ground feel! I discovered Diamandis at an older Collabor 88 and had to see what else was available for sale at the in-world location and I am so glad I did! I found quite a few builds that were must haves.  I am looking for new creators and new builds to use. I have added quite a few builds to my collection and this is the first of them I am happy to have decorated. It is small but big enough to feel at home and not smothered. I got these wired furniture pieces from Big Bully and they look so cool to me. I wanted to use something out of the ordinary and they really fit the bill for that. Unique but still very elegant for a nice eat in kitchen dining room. But, they are so versatile they can be in any room and fit easily. Want to see more of what I did to this home? Stay tuned and I will show you more. Thank you so much for stopping by. Feel free to bookmark me! Thank you xoxo, Ebony

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Aphrodite Bluetooth controlled Espresso Machine 3.0- Aphrodite shop- Links here:

Marketplace link:

Urban Serenity 2.0-Diamandis
Victorian Wireframe Chair,Victorian Wireframe Candles &Victorian Wireframe Lamp (Copper)- BIGBULLY
Cafe Table (Blank) & Coffee Bean Sack -Apple Fall
NOEL. :  frilled furrug / milk 2Li-{anc}
Finley Kitchenette- Trompe Loeil
Toronto-Coffee art- Bazar
kitchen coffee art- The Loft
Coffee Sack-TA
mug tree . type b,smores jar & syrup dispensers-dust bunny
Pugglie - Display - Coffee- Birdy
industrial shelf / copper-floorplan.
Colonna Chalkboard-{what next}

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