Majesty- Never stop improving. Part.two

Hello there! Part 2 of this Client Example series and excited to have more things to show you. Told you to stay tuned. Cohabitation is big with couples and it's always a challenge to decorate for two different people but when you agree on a color scheme you can get it down. Black & Gold. It can be masculine and yet feminine. This space embodies that. This space is perfect. Not too big or too small and each room has it's own personal feel. Roomy enough to be packed with décor yet still walkable. This space like the first has some newer creators in here making it beautiful. Sayo and Brook Living to name a few. I had been buying things here and there from Sayo but I almost have everything right now lol. Everything is very nice and it calls to me. I am very very picky when it comes to things. Plus I am OCD. The last post I guess I took the pics b4 I fixed something in that room and seeing that picture now is driving me nuts. Did you spot what I did wrong? If not....I guess I shouldn't be so pressed. Not like imma take my azz back over there and take more pictures! LOL. I really had fun bringing this space to life. I did add some walls. Please note that. This is a Diamandis skybox. The walls are normally white. However, as a decorator I tend to add walls and hell even floors in spaces. I will gut  a house in a heartbeat. I have bought homes just to tear stuff out of them. You can ask my sister! lol She be like whoa! rofl I only added walls in this space. I did not gut it lol. I decorate purely by mood. Each space is totally different even if I am in the same build it won't look the same. I can recreate spaces but how much fun is that? Give me a theme and I can work with it.

There is one more space in this little abode and I will be posting it the next time. I really love this house. It's really nice. There is also a built in waterfall in the living room which comes with the house when you buy it. I was able to just do anything I wanted in this space and this is the end result with a color scheme. I want to thank you for stopping by! It is really appreciated it. I hope you have an awesome Sunday and week ahead. The weekend just rushes by when you are having fun. Feel free to bookmark me. Thank you xoxo <3 Ebony

                                                      Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Modern Morocco Set - Art Canvas,Glam Vintage Vanity Stool - Monochromatic & Candle & Light  Set- SAYO
Urban Serenity 2.0- Diamandis
H&G - Curtains - Shimmer Pools - Wide - 1A- Maxi Goassamer
Pillow Posh 14 w/Matr,The Vienna lamp 1.0, & The Vienna endtable 1.0- Brook Hill Living
lazy sofa / black A-Con.&floorplan.
NOEL. :  frilled furrug / cocoa 2Li-{anc}
Lincoln Road Cow Hide Rug Fauxlstein-Cheeky Pea
Sleepy Puff RARE- Jian
lighted jar . type b- Dust Bunny
Healing Crystals {gold}-SPELL
Gold vase 1-Compulsion
Eclectic Collection - Round Cloche & Eclectic Collection - Press For Champagne-tres blah-
Powpon Pouf w/ texture changer-Soy.
square leather rug. expresso.-junk.
black chandelier- abiss
london dots - gold-[ keke ]
Maximum Effort Frame-PILOT
Stringlight Soiree Curtains - Black -+Half-Deer+


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