Majesty- Never stop Improving. Part Three

Hello there!! Saturday is here! SO I am over here singing. I am by myself though lmaooo I will never forget when I had my last computer. I had no clue how to work the thing and I didn't know it had a built in mic. So I was over here singing a gospel song called "The best in me" and I was sanging it not knowing my sister could hear me!!! She sat there and listened till the end. She was like you kept playing that song over and over and I am like no I didn't. The song is 8 minutes long!!! I was so embarrassed. I was feeling it. I am actually sleepy. It's kind of random and weird but I am oddly sleepy and making myself wake up. I love to decorate. I love being creative. I love being challenged. I just enjoy doing what is said cannot be done. This is the last post from this awesome little skybox. I really love this space. Some of my most fav things are in this space and they go so well together. You can't go wrong throwing money all over the place and I use this money from Sayo a lot lol. I also use the suspension chair a good bit. The curtains don't look like this on a lower setting. I have everything on the highest setting to see the shimmer on them and it's so nice.

I wanted to have this room lux but not doing too much. I didn't want to have stuff all over the place.  I like having enough space to walk around the furniture without having to walk on it like a noob lol. I hope you have enjoyed this set of posts. I am working on a new one of course just have to finish everything and get it perfect. I don't like to rush anything or feel too pushed you know? I hope you enjoy this beautiful Saturday.

    Stay Fierce* Stay Blessed


Wynwood Suspension Chair - FLOOR & Heist Money-SAYO
sleep late neon,hustle print, wall diamond, marquee board / heart & neon love -floorplan.
 Adelaide bed -Adult & Ambrose Rug Dark-[ARIA]
H&G - Curtains - Shimmer Pools - Wide - 1A-MG - Maxi Gossamer
TA Majestic Wall Lamp-TARTESSOS ARTS
Taylor Hanging Light String-Cheeky pea
Bear floor rug 4-[Tia]
Hamilton Lamp (Black/Gold)-BALACLAVA
Skybox- Diamandis

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