Majesty- Safe and Warm (Christmas Eve 2016)

Hello there! Time for another home post. It is Christmas eve people!!! So excited! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this wonderful time of year! It is truly my favorite. I am featuring Kalopsia today with this amazing space! The Gabriel Gacha key has the most stunning items in it and truly a must have. The chairs really draw you in huh? lol I really see all of the items as versatile and you can use them in many different ways. Easily for different room purposes. I have them in my chill area and really am enjoying everything. Is a space a finished space without a Jian pet and a cute Santa? NO! Not atm! lol I had to have some extra cute overload going on in my space! The gacha items are at the December Arcade for 2016 and total must haves. There is truly something for everyone. So feel free to hop on down and try your luck. I will not be rabling as long as normal during this series. I am just going to post some awesome stuff and keep it moving.

I want to thank you so very much for stopping by my blog. Feel free to bookmark me and have a look back. I tend to get busy but I try to stay updated as much as possible with home décor and fashion posts. The Majesty Showrooms are still up and running and I will do some refreshing with the next big free time I have. Kinda unsure about that atm but hey that is not a bad thing! I will always update you on progress and new things on my blog. I also have more links that I posted below! Thank you as I appreciate it! xoxo Ebony        
                                                           Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Gabriel's Fireplace, Gabriel's Burlap Sock, Gabriel's Logs Shelf, Gabriel's Planks Art,Gabriel's Chandelier, Gabriel's Chair ,- Pillow/Blanket,   Pillows Gabriel's Wreath,
Gabriel's Rug Gabriel's, Gramophone Gabriel's Metal Tree, Gabriel's Snowballs Basket (Gift),Gabriel's House RARE- Kalopsia- The Arcade Event-

Curtains- Kalopsia-
Sleeping Husky Gift- jian- The Arcade
Decorative Light Set - Botanical
Old santa- PewPew
Tea kettle, lighted jars,  mug tree, miniature village shelf- Dust Bunny
Taylor Hanging Light String- Cheeky pea
in the rain drop lamp / float 2Li {clear}-{anc}

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