Majesty- Baby, It's Cold Outside

Hello there. It really feels like Winter. Yet it is not Winter yet! lol I am featuring Kalopsia today & Heart homes (Aphrodite shop) and really trying to finish an abundance of posts before Christmas hits. This is my favorite holiday season but really busy and hectic! I truly love blogging one reason I have been doing it so long. But, the hardest thing for me sometimes is to capture the picture in the way I want to show it. The windlight, shadows and the mood. One of the reasons I took 100 pictures today! lol This house is from the Arcade and is one of the rare items. I love this home and I had to decorate it with the Christmas spirit. The house is really adorable and I have some posts to show you of the inside soon. This snowmen Family is also super adorable and I took a bonus pic of them below for a better view! They were so perfect for my new little home décor and I have them all over the place now. You can never have too many snowmen around your home. They are too cute.

For full details on this space on what I used feel free to look below at the credits. I am really having so much fun decorating for the season and I hope you enjoy this series of blog posts! I always say I appreciate it and I really do. I really enjoy showing you new spaces and items that can make your special space the one of your dreams. Feel free to also have a look at one of my in-world decorated showrooms so you can see an example of how I decorate in the great SL! Stay warm <333 xoxo Ebony
                                                         Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Gabriel's House RARE- Kalopsia- Arcade-
Snowman Family- Heart Homes (Aphrodite Shop)-

Snow Formations- Skye Studio
Cedar.v3{4Seasons} & WeepingWillow- LB
HD-F MF1aWT4 Tree all seasons- Hayabusa Designs
Enchanted Path Straight-HPMD
Taylor Hanging Light String- Cheeky Pea
Seasonal Boxwood- Botanical

 Majesty Facebook-
 Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at FruitatiousFeel free to join the group and landmark!!-
 Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location At Cynful-

Bonus Pic:


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