Majesty- Shine Bright like a Diamond

Hello there! I am here bringing a brand new fashion post featuring Cynful today. This gorgeous and sparkly dress had me squealing! I am still squealing!! So many beautiful and rich colors in this fatpack there is no way that you can pick just one color. It also comes in Ombres so it was hard to pick between which type and shade I wanted to wear today. I wanted to do a color I really haven't blogged before and just had to wear purple. I am not even a purple person but I am in this dress! This dress is new at the Collabor 88 event! So many options and colors. You have necklace wearing options, panties, and the metals are color change. This dress is the perfect holiday/new yrs fit so if you can't pick a color just buy them all lol. I am going to work on more home posts next but I've been trying to decide if I was going to change my main house. It was so much work to just tear down lol. I tend to not go back to homes once I stop using them so I might just keep it longer. I will work on some projects and it will keep me busy and not fiddling with stuff that doesn't need messing with.

 I truly love the sparkly holiday season. The more sparkles and shine the more it feels like the holidays for me. December has come so fast that I am not sure if I even got to fully enjoy November. I will not ramble on too much today. I was just excited to show you this new dress. Make sure you play with your windlight settings to really see the beauty of it and the details. Thank you so much for stopping by. Stay tuned I will of course update as soon as time allows. <333 xoxo Ebony
Note: This dress will be available at the event on the 8th of this month!!!
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed
Wish Dress- [Cynful]- Collabor88-(NEW)-
Jewels- Ryca & MANDALA
Shoes- N-core
Hair- Little Bones
Poses- Label Motion & AE
Home décor-
Feather chips- {anc}
Tub chairs- [con.]
Mannequins- Backbone
Babette Lamp- The Loft
Vegas rug- Cheeky pea
Pillows-Apple Fall


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