Majesty- The Evening BBQ

Hello there!!I hope all is well! I am just here today at the BBQ. Just one steak left to get medium rare and I am done! Featuring Aphrodite shop today with this must have. Seasoning some steaks while they cook to perfection. I am just really chilling around today. I need to get off my butt and get productive in RL doing some cleaning but I got all day for that so I am slacking. I love when Aphrodite shop releases anything regarding food. I love to roleplay cooking. Yes, I do know how to cook in RL. lol!  I am a foodie type person. It's relaxing to me like decorating unless I get popped by some hot grease of oil then all hell breaks loose! lol  You can cook with your other half and help each other cooking, preparing, checking the fridge and washing the dishes as some examples. You also get some amazing patio furniture eventhough I do not have it on a patio! This is all you need so set up your outdoor space for entertaining or for a romantic night. I only added a rug. Everything is here people just rez in edit mode and move it to your perfect location and you are good to go.

I am still debating if I should change my blog layout back. But I am trying to see if I like it this way. If you do not let me know. I appreciate comments and opinions. I was just annoyed with the white background it forced me to have but I always liked how you could see most of my latest posts in one shot. But hey, I can always go back if this doesn't work. I am in and about today. I fiddle too much. If I sit at my house all day I will change things...and add things...I just have to keep going! My top is from [Cynful]. It comes in a billion colors and I am wearing one of the ombre colors. I had on black pants and decided I felt like wearing some lighter colors for once today and it was hard to pick which color shirt I wanted to wear. So many colors to chose form which is a good problem. Too many colors is never  abad thing. lol While I am on a roll and the day is still young Imma keep working. Thank you so much for stopping by!!! I hope you have an awesome week. I appreciate you <3 xoxo Ebony

                                                             Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


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