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Hello there! It is the time of the year where we all go crazy trying to make sure we have gifts for everyone. I am sitting here excited to have all my Christmas shopping done and nothing else to do in RL. I am however very behind for Christmas shopping for my few nearest and dearest but there is isn't enough time in the day. But, I always make it happen in the end. I am just so very excited and Christmas is just a couple of day away. I am bringing a new home post today and It's filled with so many goodies located in this charming house from Kalopsia. I like corner spaces and I like filling them up with pretty things. I wanted the perfect cozy place that was perfect for a good read yet had a nice view. All of my home posts this series are set in snow surroundings and homes. Just really makes it feel like Christmas is almost here. I added one of my little Jian friends and voila! The perfect reading chill space for a nice and warm read. I could have easily added another chair and made it more of a social living space but I prefer a ton of décor and space for one.

But these items are so nice and you can fill any space with as many as you want comfortably. The land impact on each item is so small. Me being old school I really appreciate having high quality items with such low impact compared to the old days when a chair like this would have easily been a 15-20 prim count depending on who made it lol. You really had to pick and choose carefully during those days. Not so much now! Yayy!! Okay well I am off and I am leaving links below and credits! Feel free to bookmark me I truly appreciate it and check back on me! I am around <333 xoxo Ebony 
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed
 Rosie's Sweet as Sugar set- Kalopsia- Collabor 88 event-
Gabriel's Chandelier, Gabriel's Metal Tree, Gabriel's Tin Houses & Gabriel's House RARE-Kalopsia - The Arcade-
Carol's Christmas Garland-Kalopsia- Tannebaum event-
Red Fox (Static - Sleeping R)- jian
Bear floor rug -[Tia]
barn door slider / whitewash-brocante.
floorplan. industrial shelf / copper
in the rain drop lamp / float 2Li {clear}-{anc}
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