Majesty- The Joy of Christmas

Hello there!! I am here with a brand new home post today featuring Heart Homes(Aphrodite shop)! Can you have too many decorated Christmas spaces? No.....That is just not possible people. This Christmas Living room set is just adorable and full of the Christmas Spirit. The smaller trees light up and blink and change colors. Really awesome feature really and I love looking at them. I am using more than one Christmas tree in every space typically because I can lol. Low land impact people you can truly deck the halls, the walls the floor and everything. Just go all out! The fireplace, sofa set and rug are the main pieces of this set and just gorgy along with the extra lil décor details you get. There is also different versions of this set so you can easily pick and choose at the store.
I can jump with joy at this moment because I am officially done with my Christmas shopping! I always wait till damn near the last minute. I start out with good intentions every year saying I will be done early. But no, here I am about to fall out lol. Well not fall out but if I was the type to bite my nails I would be biting them lol. This home décor post is one of several I will be bringing to you this week and I hope you enjoy them all. Aphrodite shop has a ton of Christmas items and magical items for you to add to your home. Perfect for everyone including families and roleplay. With the massive amount of items at the store there is truly something for everyone so make sure you have a look to finish your Christmas feast or décor. I am done rambling but so excited. Thank you so much or stopping by and stay tuned for more posts throughout this week! A week to go!!! xoxo Ebony 
Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed
Wood Tree - Big Light, Pile of Gifts,Joyce's Hanging Garland & Silver Rocking Horse - Dark Wood- Kalopsia-
Noel Marquee- tarte.
north pole toy co.- floorplan
taylor string lights- Cheeky Pea
Hanging Snowflake #4 (white)- {what next}
Metal Christmas Trees- Pilot
Tuscany Loft- DAD DESIGN
Trees- Little branch & Hayabusa Design
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