Majesty- The Romp (Sultry Evening)

Hello there! Time for a new home post! I am featuring Glamrus & Epia today with this lovely masters chair. Sometimes I am able to catch early access for events and I was happily able to for The Romp Event. I saw this chair and had to sit in it. One thing to note is that although I am no where near as big an avatar as I used to be...I am still considered a bigger size doll. Just ask my friend girl My Bri Bri. When she first saw me I looked like her mom and she a lil kid avi LOL.She reacted as if I was a giant!  But hey in my defense she is a smaller doll. Petite I should say and just flat out adorable in person. So animations in some chairs are usually awkward for me. You know how you sit and one of your legs is going into the other one? Well if you never have that issue hi5! lol I sat in this chair with the same expectations and every pose is smooth and no leg in one leg or anything. The poses are perfect yall. The animations are really wonderful and at that point I really wanted to blog it so everyone could see it!  I am also featuring my outfit from Cynful today. This is the Pucker up set available at the new round of Epiphany! So many cute items in this set and the rares have a color change hud so you can change the colors. They just have so many options. I am wearing the rare top and pants, necklace & lipstick belt. I had the bracelet on but I guess sl is still being a hater. LOL. Last but obviously not least is my hair that is brand new at the Hair Fair! We can never have too many wigs. It just isn't possible! This is one of the new hairs from booN now available at the event and it is so pretty. I had a hard time deciding which one I was going to show you today. The textures are so pretty and it is a total must have. Each style is so versatile there is truly something for everyone and the hairs would also work for you men. Make sure to get a demo and buy some :)
This chair comes in red, white or Black.There is a version for Male/Female and Female/Female. You can choose the gender option with PG Animations or Adult. I was going to use a sofa in my space but with these chairs I don't need a sofa.So I just used two and added some pillows from Kalopsia on the rug. This space is in my sitting room. I had it all white and I just wanted to go in a different direction...more sultry and kinda sexy. I added many extras in the space as décor. I usually do a clients space a little more toned down then I do for myself unless that is the request. I love having many décor items yall lol. GO BIG OR GO HOME! lol It just wouldn't be me without chandeliers and flowers. Hell I even have them in the Bathroom! Secondlife is really being difficult atm. Everything just keeps rebaking for me and I have no idea why. Some time ago I posted a pic and realized later one of the décor items were rebaking in the picture. That is a huge peeve of mine and I am looking at these pictures with wide eyes before I put them on here. This is a unique post for me since I decided to pose and to show a full view of the sitting room space. I had fun decorating my new sitting room. I hope this will inspire you to make your own sultry space.  Make sure you stop on down to The Romp the very least for these chairs. They are beautifully textured with high detailing and they poses are really nice. Feel free to follow me on Flickr, Facebook, and bookmark me! There is always something new to be had and I love posting nice items on my page. Thank you and stay tuned!! <333

The credits are below. I used so many awesome things in this post! Please have a look! I listed the décor items and of course what I am wearing.

                                                   Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


On Me:
Lab.045 hair- booN - The Hair Fair 2016-
Pucker Gatcha set (top, pants, necklace& lipstick belt- [Cynful]- Epiphany event-
Nails, earrings & bracelets- RealEvil
Diamond stud leash holder-Pomposity
Aster- Empire

The sitting room-

Masters Chair v1.0- Glamrus&epia - (Thank you so very much)- The Romp event-
Official ad for the chair-

Cozy Floor Cushion & Percival's bust- Kalopsia
Bright Headed Mannequins & Scattered Stars- NOMAD
Topiaries- Trompe Loeil
Joanne Crystal Lamp- Apple Fall
Candle Chandelier & Barrel coffee table- Pilot
Ashtray city- [NikotiN]
Mugicha- Poche
Maiden Tor Fur Rug - *AF*  (Artisan Fantasy)
So Fancy Throw pillow & Moderno Table- Fancy Decor
Hybrid Roses- Ariskea
Antique black floral rug- La Galleria
Black and gold vases- Compulsion
Industrial lamp- Bazar
Jabode Mirror- The Loft & ARIA
Gardenhouse clocks- DRD
Taylor hanging string lights & Hello Vegas rugs- Cheeky Pea
Curtains- T-3D
Mara Mink Pouf & Black leather side table- The Loft
Red Cat- ONSEN



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