Majesty- Birthday Season

Hello there new post today! It is fashion and I am featuring this new beautiful gown by Apple May.
I am wearing the yellow today but their is several other amazing colors. It was really hard to choose!This beautiful dress is at the Crossroads event.  This dress is made for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya & Physique. You can never have too many gowns. I truly love gowns nothing says Queen like a beautiful gown. My beautiful hair is made by booN. A very sexy yet couture updo. It is also available at the Crossroads event . I have seen men wear it as well so it is versatile and unisex. This season is so pretty and I am enjoying the warmth. Warm Summer weather makes you want to dress the same on sl lol. I've been catching up on some tv series that I like and also discovering some new series and the stuff on tv is just doing too much. These reality shows are all over the place. The one thing that makes me happy to not be a celebrity is having them all in your face taking pictures. My sign is Cancer so I am a crabby crab. lol There is no way I could be in a mood and have someone in my face taking pictures. I don't see how they do it. But then again these people love the attention. Good or bad attention makes them thrive obviously.
It is my birthday season yall and I am enjoying it all week. Yes, all week lol. I will be posting more after this post. The days between my last post just went by so fast. I got on here and looked at the time and said.....tomorrow. But I can't keep saying tomorrow!There will be one more fashion post in this series of posts and then I will post some home décor. I really hope you enjoyed this post. I am going to stop rambling and get some things done. Thank you so much for stopping by! I wish you a blessed end of week and stay tuned!!! I have more stuff to show you! <3 Ebony

                                                       Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed

booN Lab.043 hair- booN
Silky Formal dress- Apple May Designs

 The Crossroads event-

Bonus Pic:
Odyssey Bracelet- [MANDALA]
Nails- RealEvil
Mata Hari Mesmer Earrings & Necklace- Maxi Gossamer
Poses: AE & Aushka &co
Rocks and Greenery- HPMD


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