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Hello there! Time for another new home post! I am featuring Aphrodite today. The Asian Beach shower & Lotus chillout set are now available at the On9 event. The event runs till July 28th! Very beautiful pieces with nice animations. They can fit into many different home settings. I have a little piece of land that is separate from my house that they are set up on. I like having a space that is on it's own personal island and these items fit perfectly.The settings I am using for the pictures today fit my mood and I have taken them over a billion time to make sure these items are seen as I want them to. I have ocd sometimes lol. It can sometimes feel like an annoyance but it comes in handy as you will never see me buy something from a store half opened or damaged. I am a extreme perfectionist and it has it's perks at time lol. This space is so calming yall. I am using a windlight setting that shows more shadows than I am used to seeing and the plants are from Hayabusa Design which are known for moving with wind. The lights from the lanterns are shining/flickering on the leaves and the shadows on the ground. It is really beautiful. If I keep staring I will make myself sleepy lol. Aww crap too late I yawned lol. Today is a really beautiful and sunny day. It has been staying around 90 degrees so it has been quite hot to say the least. But it's so pretty.

I have been having fun exploring all of the windlight settings on sl and shadows. Long gone are the days of face lights but every now and then I come across someone wearing one lol. Please be nice to the people that still do. I have a sister from my nooby days that comes on every blue moon and she refuses to let go of hers. It's like a security blanket or something for her so I let her be now. Well fine people it is time for me to go be productive. Thank you so very much for stopping by. I always appreciate it. Peace & Blessings to you! <3 Ebony

                                                      Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Asian Beach Shower & Lotus chillout set- Heart Homes/Aphrodite shop-On9 event-

Teardrop Plant- Scarlet Creative
Vintage bee skep- Apple Fall
Lilo's pineapple lantern
Sakura tree & Lotus flowers- Hayabusa Designs
Grass- Fanatik & {anc}
Ethereals- Real Waves
Squirrel Feeder- Jian

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