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Hello there!! This is the last fashion post this series and I will be back to home décor. I had a look at my old avi recently and Lord have mercy....if you are staying with a non mesh body please please go out and at least try a demo. It is a huge difference. But a very good difference. Who knew the body had so many cut angles on it?! I thought for a second that my graphics could be spazzing out. But no....It is a big difference. I thought I was cute. No no no!! lol I love being more of a chameleon and changing my look up as I feel. I have my "main" look and then I have all these other looks! lol But I wear them as I feel. I am not always in the mood to look all cute in the face. This beautiful top I am wearing is just beautiful and made by my wifey. The woman drips talent out of her pores. I really enjoyed seeing the before and after of this top. She told me I was cute in this outfit. Trust me that is a big deal because if she thought it wasn't she would have said it. She gave me so much grief when I used to wear a wowmeh body! lmao This top is available now at the Cosmopolitan event which ends soon so go! :)

She worked really hard on this beautiful top and her effort wasn't wasted. I am wearing the fatpack hud with all options so not sure what you get with just one color. But with the fatpack you get to change the color of the top and lace to the billion different color options that Cynful is known to have. I didn't want to wear a solid color top today and being able to change the lace to black really made me feel sassy. Yes I know I typically already feel sassy but you know what I mean! lol I want to thank everyone who supports my blog eventhough I do not post daily like I used to. I had a record breaking amount of views last week because of all of you and I really appreciate the support. My lil stats bar just went straight up into the sky! Thank you. I wish you a wonderful day and stay tuned!! Next I have some home décor posts to blog! Peace & Blessings <3 Ebony

**I want to give a special shout out to my bestie that is celebrating his birthday today. May you have many many more blessed ones sweetie pie. No matter if days, months or years passes our friendship stays the same and you are such a amazing person. I appreciate you always. Happy Birthday! <3**

                                                            Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Goddess Top- [Cynful]- Cosmopolitan event-
booN Lab.027 hair- boon-
Rachel Skirt- Blueberry
Jewelry& Nails- RealEvil
Poses- Lalochezia & LUXE
Trees- Hayabusa
Grass- {anc}

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